Mrs. Green's home proper, is at Aurora, Dearborn county, Indiana. Aurora is a beautiful and enterprising little city of live or six thousand inhabitants, and is located on the western bank of the Ohio river, twenty-five miles or thereabouts below Cincinnati, Ohio. It can be reached from Cincinnati in less than an hour's ride over the Ohio and Mississippi railroad, which passes through it. While her husband pursues the legal profession at Aurora, Mrs. G., in Obedience to the wishes of her spirit guides and attendants, devotes her time and medial gifts at Cincinnati from Monday until Saturday of each week, returning to her companion and daughter each Saturday, and remaining with them over the Sabbath. This statement is deemed proper in view of and as prefatory to what I am about to relate as occurring recently, and which can not fail to be estimated as a truly remarkable spirit manifestation.

By the invitation of Mr. Green, Mr. Edwin Stebbins, of Cincinnati, and myself accompanied Mrs. Green to her home at Aurora on Saturday, August the 5th, for the purpose of joining a small party of excursionists on the day following to the celebrated* Split Rock, some three miles down the river from Aurora, on the Kentucky side of the Ohio. Our host had chartered a small propeller steamboat known as the Wave, which we boarded early Sunday morning (the 6th), and it required less than a half hour to land us at our destination. Our party consisted of our host and hostess and their daughter, Cora B. Green; Mr. B. F. Vandegrift, his wife, three daughters and son ; James W. Shirley, wife, and two small children.

During the afternoon we were threatened with a rain-storm, and our party divided, some going into the caves for shelter, others repaired to a farm-house near by. The rain passed around us, after which a party of five in number, namely, Mr. and Mrs. Green, Mr. and Mrs. Vandegrift, and myself, reassembled on the summit of the elevation overlooking the Split Rock. It was suggested by me that we have a spirit seance, but we had no stand, slate or pencil. The novelty of a spirit seance on that noted spot was sufficiently suggestive and interesting to induce us to improvise a seat for the medium, which consisted of a couple of stakes driven into the ground and a fence rail placed on them. I took out my annotation book and with lead pencil placed it on Mrs. G.'s lap, and she threw over them a rubber circular, making the necessary condition of darkness. We formed a semicircle in front of the medium thus seated, and sang the " Sweet Bye and Bye," and " Nearer My God to Thee." In a few moments the covering over the writing material was raised up and down three times, indicating thereby that the writing had been accomplished. In this way we received in rapid succession three communications, which I hereby transcribe and number them in the order of their production.

Number One

" Good afternoon. Nice picnic. Many spirits with you, including Madam Ehrenborg and Swedenborg. Nettie, Emil, and Ida send much love to Mr. Helleberg and Mr. Stebbins."

Number Two

" Mr. and Mrs. Vandegrift's friends send their greetings from summer land. Also, Mr. Green's friends and relatives. happy to be with you."

Number Three

" God bless you all, and hope we may all meet on this spot again. Good bye. Nettie and Curry."

We were not only delighted but enthusiastic over the success of our enterprise. Here on this spot, both romantic and famous in history, with illy-provided conditions, we had communed with the loved ones from the land of immortal souls.

As the spirit daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stebbins, of Cincinnati, Ohio, is mentioned as belonging to the party of tourists that visited the planet Mars, and as communicating with others at Split Rock,.Kentucky, and for other good reasons, I have deemed it not inappropriate to incorporate hereiu a letter of Mr. Stebbins to the Spiritual Offering, a paper recently established at Ottumwa,Iowa, and which is ably conducted and devoted to the advancement of spiritualism.

[For the 11 Spiritual Offering."]