Two observed north of Fort Du Brochet, December 12, and large pack seen on December 13. Observed December 15. On December 18, after searching three days without observing single bird of this species, I note : It is strange how those birds appear to come and go; it may be because the food-supply of willow-shoots, and Labrador Tea-buds, on which they now feed, is so scant above the snow that they are soon picked bare, and then the birds move on to fresh feedingground. One taken on Reindeer Lake thirty miles south of Fort Du Brochet, December 30.

Marsh Hawk (Circus Hudsonicus)

Observed Beaver River, May 20. First one seen since leaving the prairies. Apparently not numerous in this territory. One observed Sandfly Lake on the Churchill River, June 11. One observed Du Brochet Lake, Cochrane River, August 11 ; a female or young bird in brown plumage. This was the only specimen of this species seen to date in the Far North. Two young birds observed Cochrane River, on return journey, August 14.

Sharp-Skinned Hawk (Accipiter Velox)

An adult male, taken at Otter Lake, Churchill River, June 20.

American Goshawk (Astur Atricapillus Atri-Capillus)

A female, and set of three eggs, taken on Beaver River, May 16. Nest described in Chapter II.

Western Red-Tailed Hawk ? (Butes Borealis Calurus)

Observed single bird, Beaver River, May 16, 21 ; Black Bear Island Lake on the Churchill River, June 13. One observed chasing a Spotted Sandpiper, Island Lake, Churchill River, June 26.

Broad-Winged Hawk (Butes Platypterus)

Three specimens: a melanotic male, Crooked River, May 14, is chocolate brown except for the tail-bars, which are normal; a male taken in same locality on May 15, and a female taken on Beaver River, May 16.

Golden Eagle? (Aquila Chrysaetos?)

Observed two dark eagles (?), which appeared to be this species, over Black Bear Island Lake, Churchill River, June 13. One observed Trout Lake, Churchill River, June 16. One observed Island Lake, Churchill River, June 25. One also at mouth of Reindeer River, June 27, 28.

Northern Bald Eagle (Haliceetus Leucoce-Phalus Alascanus)

An adult and three downy-young taken : the first a male taken on the Churchill River, June 12; the downy young taken on Reindeer Lake, two on July 7 and one on July 10; these are marked: " Iris dark umber-brown; bill dark horn colour ; cere slightly more light brown; corner of mouth pale whitish yellow; legs and feet pale whitish yellow." Nest of the first young was at the top of a spruce tree, which stood about twenty-five feet high in thick forest on an island of high, rocky elevation. The large nest was constructed with dead twigs of many sorts and sizes, and was lined with moss, grass, and feathers.

Nest found containing one young bird, six to ten days old. Shell of egg was white. Nest on top of dead spruce tree on a prominent point of land on shore, Knee Lake, Churchill River, June 5.

Three observed Black Bear Island Lake on the Churchill River, June 13. One observed lower reaches Cochrane River, July 18. One observed Fort Du Brochet, September 4.

Hawk ? Duck Hawk, Or Possibly [Gyrfalcon ? (Falco Rusticolus Subsp. ?)

I was greatly surprised in full winter to observe a fairly large Hawk (?) giving chase to Spruce Grouse near Fort Du Brochet, December 15. Again observed same species of Hawk (?) flying across a lake in same locality, December 24. On December 28, on Reindeer Lake, I noted: " Saw hawk again to-day and almost got within gunshot; believe it to be Gyrfalcon." On Cumberland Lake observed two winter-hawks : greyish white underpays, speckled probably lightly; clear black spot on ear coverts; upper parts dark; tail longish; bird large, would say about twenty inches, January 9, 1915. Possibly those latter were Goshawks ?

Pigeon Hawk (Fazco Columbarius Columbarius)

Seven specimens. An adult female (two other birds seen), Reindeer Lake, July 13. A female in company with four or five almost fully fledged young, three of which were taken, Lake Du Brochet, August 3 ; the young have the wings and tail not fully grown, and traces of down on the head; the old bird is in very worn plumage with one fresh blue tail feather, but showing no other sign of the blue plumage. Two fully fledged young birds (two others seen), Lake Du Brochet, August 7.

Observed on Lake Du Brochet on August 8,11.

Sparrow Hawk (Falco Sparverius Sparve-Rius)

Female observed Big River, May 10.

American Osprey (Pandion Halliaetus Caroli-Nensis)

Three specimens. A female, Crooked Lake, May 13. A male taken at nest, Lake lie a la Crosse, May 25 ; " nest containing single egg on very top of broken-off dead Jack Pine, nest mainly built of dry twigs, inside thickly lined with damp mud, grass, and moss; fish scales on edge of nest; the male bird was bringing both talons full of damp moss to nest when shot." A female taken with nest and two eggs, Knee Lake, Churchill River, June 6.

Found nest of this species on Sandy Lake, on the Churchill River, June 10. Female on nest, but did not disturb her.

One observed at narrows entering into Key Lake, Churchill River, June 24. Observed south end, Reindeer Lake, July 4. Single bird observed Cochrane River, July 20, 21. One observed carrying a fish lengthwise, parallel to the body and head facing onwards, Du Brochet Lake, Cochrane River, August 11. One observed near Fort Du Brochet, September 2.

Great Horned Owl (Bubo Virginianus Subsp. ?)

Nest found on Crooked River, May 15, containing two downy half-grown young; one a beautiful buff-cream colour, the other more grey. Adult female on nest when found. Nest not large in comparison with size of bird, and situated in strong fork of Black Poplar tree; tree not yet in leaf. Nest composed of dead poplar and lichen-grown spruce twigs, and lined with rabbits' hair. Noted on He a la Crosse Lake on May 25, that have not heard any Great Horned Owls calling at night in this locality. Previously had heard them every night. On reaching north end of this lake this species was again heard on May 29.