Red-Backed Sandpiper (Pelidna Alpina Sak-Halina)

A female, Churchill River, June 8, above Sandy Lake, " shot on small stony island, in company with seven semipalmated Sandpipers."

Semipalmated Sandpiper (Ereunetes Pusillus)

Two pairs taken on the Churchill River below Pelican Rapids, June 2, from a flock.

Observed on Sandy Lake on the Churchill River, June 9, 10.

Lesser Yellowlegs (Totanus Flavipes)

Few observed Crooked Lake, May 12. Observed Beaver River, May 9. Numerous on inland lake on east shore at north end of He a la Crosse Lake, May 30. Observed on lower reaches of the Cochrane River, July 18 : not seen for a long time. Bird calling, in alarm for nest or young, from the very top of a spruce tree, which seemed a ridiculous perch for a shore bird-yet it is one this species quite often chooses. Observed Cochrane River, July 20. One taken Cochrane River, July 26. Observed Cochrane River, July 28; Du Brochet Lake, August 2.

Sanderling (Calidris Leucophcea)

Three specimens taken from a flock of four, Cochrane River, July 21, " probably non-breeding birds."

Solitary Sandpiper (Helodromus Solitarius Solitarius)

" A female with large egg in oviduct," Beaver River, May 18. Observed Cochrane River, July 20.

Spotted Sandpiper (Actitis Macularia)

Two adults : a male, Crooked River, May 15, and a female, Lake lie a la Crosse, May 23. Two sets of four eggs each, taken on Snake Lake and above Black Bear Island Lake, Churchill River, June 10,13, also a downy young taken on the Cochrane River, July 29.

Observed Shagwenaw Lake, Churchill River, June 1 ; Sandy Lake on the Churchill River, June 9,10 ; Sandfly Lake on the Churchill River, June 12. Trout Lake Churchill River, June 15. Have come to know this species as the most common shore bird in the territory. Saw one of this species being chased by a Red-tailed Hawk, Island Lake, Churchill River, June 26. Found nest with four eggs on island above Kettle Falls, Churchill River, June 27. Observed Reindeer River, June 29; south end Reindeer Lake, July 4. Noted on Reindeer Lake on July 9, and remark that very few seen at that date, though previously quite common. One observed Fort Du Brochet, July 17 ; nest containing four eggs found on dry, moss-covered hillside, near the foot of a pine tree. Observed Cochrane River, July 19, 26. Observed below Du Brochet Lake, Cochrane River, July 30.

American Golden Plover (Charadrius Dominions Dominions)

An adult female taken when in company with Kildeer Plover at the mouth of Mudjatick River on the Churchill River, June 2. " Eye, bill, and feet black."

Kildeer (Oxeyechns Vociferns)

Seen in company with the Golden Plover, but no specimens taken. Observed at Polwarth, Sask., May 6; Big River, May 7, 9.

Semipalmated Plover(Mgealitis Semipalmata)

Four specimens : a male, He a la Crosse Lake, May 23 ; a pair Cochrane River, July 23; and a female taken 29 July, also on the Cochrane River.

Ruddy Turnstone (Arenaria Interpres Mori-Nella)

Four specimens : a female found alone on Lake He a la Crosse, on May 22 ; a male also found alone on the same lake on the 23rd ; and two females taken from large flock on June 9 on Sandy Lake on the Churchill River.

Observed on Sandfly Lake on the Churchill River, June 12.

Hudsonian Spruce Partridge (Canachites Canadensis Canadensis)

Eight specimens : six adults, and two downy young. A pair with nest and eggs taken at Lake He a la Crosse, May 25 ; male not preserved. " Eggs six in number, fresh ; nest on ground close in at foot of alder bush ; site dry open poplar knoll, surrounded by dense spruce and tamarack swamp ; nest of dry leaves, same as carpet of surrounding ground, a few feathers lining nest." A male same locality, May 29. A female in moult, and a downy young, Reindeer Lake, July 10 ; the female has pin feathers on the sides of the head, and new tail feathers are appearing. A downy young, Cochrane River, July 20; was with other young and female parent when taken. A male taken, August 3; a female, August 4 ; and a male, August 7-all adults, Lake Du Brochet. The young could fly, though the first was only five inches in length.

Male observed below Frog Portage, Churchill River, July 27. Two shot north of Fort Du Brochet, October 9, and one on October 13, 16. Four shot near mouth of Cochrane River, October 19. One shot, October 30, in same locality. Note that there are a few north of Fort Du Brochet, November 7. One taken in same locality on December 10; this species evidently winter as far north as this point, but none seen any further north than latitude 58.5°. Two taken Fort Du Brochet, December 14. Flushed one at night on December 16 and noted bird had apparently no trouble to see in the dark.

Ruffed Grouse (Bonasa Umbellus Togata?)

Observed Crooked River, May 13; secured very reddish-brown female at head of Reindeer River, July 14. One taken north of Fort Du Brochet, October 1. This species appears rare in the Far North.

Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus Lagopus Lagopus)

One specimen, Fort Du Brochet, Reindeer Lake, November 4. " Same day first Barren-ground Caribou of the season were shot."

Natives at Fort Du Brochet say that this species arrives there about mid-October. " Diary of halfbreed, Philip Merasty, records: ' White Partridge seen at Fort on October 6, 1913, snow having fallen ere that date.'" Four specimens observed north of Fort Du Brochet, October 27; the first noted to arrive this winter. An Indian reported two seen on October 30.

Note on November 7 that this species is now common north of Fort Du Brochet; birds rise with a startling flutter of wings out of the snow at the foot of the Scrub Pines. This species plentiful in neighbourhood of Thanout-Tua (Lake), Thlewiaza Or River, November 23; noted that those birds sometimes call exactly like Red Grouse when startled to flight.

There is a lake named " White Partridge Lake," or Kasba Lake, twenty miles south of the Barren Grounds, near neighbourhood where this species noted as plentiful.