American Hawk Owl (Surnia Ulula Capa-Roch)

A male taken on Lake Du Brochet, August 1.

Belted Kingfisher (Ceryle Alcyon)

First pair observed on Beaver River, May 16; few pair Beaver River, May 19. Observed Churchill River, June 1, in neighbourhood of Shagwenaw Lake.

One observed Pelican Lake, Churchill River, June 3. Few observed below Knee Lake on the Churchill River, June 6 ; also above Sandy Lake on the Churchill River, June 8.

Nest found in hole at the top of a rocky bank of about twelve feet elevation. Nest situated about ten feet above shore. Straight tunnel in, then the nest in a slight hollow 2 ft. 6 in. from the entrance ; nest unlined, except with a few small fish-bones, and contained six young about eight days old. Foot of Grand Rapids, Churchill River, June 25. Note on Cochrane River on July 23 that none of this species now seen. Single specimen observed near Fort Du Brochet on September 22.

Northern Hairy Woodpecker (Dryvbates Villosus Subsp. ?)

Found nest containing three young almost fully fledged on green poplar tree on island above last rapid, above Black Bear Island Lake on the Churchill River, June 12.

Arctic Three-Toed Woodpecker (Picoides Arcticus)

An adult male taken on the Cochrane River, July 31 ; yellow crest much worn, exposing the white bases of the feathers.

Alaskan Three-Toed Woodpecker (Picoides Americanus Fasciatus)

An adult female, Fort Du Brochet, October 22.

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus Va-Rius Varius)

Two males taken at Big River on May 7, 11.

Nest found containing young in hole in green poplar tree. Hole about eight feet up, and facing south-east. Did not disturb nest; below Key Falls, Churchill River, June 25. Believe one specimen seen Cochrane River, July 23 ; but identity not absolutely certain.

Boreal Flicker (Colaptes Auratus Borealis)

One female Cochrane River, July 31, the male seen. There is another adult female in the W. S. National Museum, taken at Lake Du Brochet, September 26, 1890. This form is included in the range of luteus in the A. O. W. Check List.

Flicker. Golden-Winged Woodpecker (Colaptes Auratus Subsp. ?)

Observed at Big River, May 7. Pair mating, Big River, May 9. Manner of courtship : they sit side by side on tree-trunk and at intervals gesticulate with their heads, thrusting them up and down, and softly emitting " Thuca, Thuca, Thuca," Then they pause for an interval and are motionless except that their eyes roll rapidly and show white by the glint of the overhead sun. The male Flicker shows more golden yellow under the wings when in flight.

Species numerous, Beaver River, May 19.

Observed Pelican Lake, Churchill River, June 4. Numerous Sandy Lake neighbourhood, Churchill River, June 10.

Found nest containing ten eggs in green poplar tree, nest about ten feet up tree-trunk, Churchill River, June 11.

Nest found on top of dead birch-stump, at elevation of about fifteen feet, on Trout Lake, Churchill River, June 17 ; nest not disturbed. Observed below Frog Portage on the Churchill River, June 27; Reindeer River, June 29 ; south end Reindeer Lake, July 4.

Found nest containing well-fledged young on shore of Reindeer Lake, July 10. Did not disturb nest. Not many Flickers observed in this neighbourhood.

Observed Fort Du Brochet, July 17 ; Cochrane River, July 18, 25 ; Du Brochet Lake, August 2.

Possibly some of the birds observed north of the Churchill River were the Boreal Flicker (Colaptes auratus borealis), but this I could not decide merely by observation.

Nighthawk (Chordeiles Virginianus Subspj)

Observed at Stanley Mission, June 23, where I noted that they had been commonly seen along the entire route to that point on the Churchill. Observed mouth of Reindeer River, June 27, 28. Single bird observed Reindeer Lake, July 9- previously a most common bird. Observed Fort Du Brochet, July 16. About a dozen seen, Cochrane River, July 18. Observed Cochrane River, July 24, 25, 26, 28 ; Du Brochet Lake, August 6, 8. Note that this species feed through the day after a bad storm, probably through said storm hindering them from feeding properly at evening and morning as usual; also they feed in the daytime when the atmosphere is very close and still before rain. Observed Cochrane River, on return journey, August 13, 15.

Kingbird (Tyrannus Tyrannus)

Observed above Island Lake on the Churchill River, June 25.

Piicebe (Sayornis Phcebe)

A male taken on Reindeer River, June 30.

Nest containing five eggs well incubated found in false bay above Sandfly Lake on the Churchill River, June 11. One observed Reindeer River, June 27.

Olive-Sidep Flycatcher (Nuttallornis Borealis)

Two males taken on Lake He a la Crosse, May 27, 28.

Observed on Sandy Lake on the Churchill River, June 9.

Alder Flycatcher (Empidonax Trailli Alno-Rum)

Three specimens: a male, Churchill River, June 6 ; two from the Cochrane River, July 27, 28, the latter a female; all taken in willows at edge of marsh.

Observed below Du Brochet Lake, Cochrane River, July 29.

Least Flycatcher (Empidonax Minimus)

A female taken on Lake He a la Crosse, May 29, and a male, Reindeer River, June 28.

Identified certainly on Reindeer River, June 29, but have heard those birds singing in the forests for the past month, and now know to whom the sweet, clear song belongs.

Horned Lark (Otoeoris Alpestris Subsp.?)

Observed Big River, May 10 ; south end He a la Crosse Lake, May 23. Noted at Fort Du Brochet on September 18 that numbers have passed south during the stormy broken weather of the last three days. Flocks observed, restlessly cheeping and flighting close to the ground, near Fort Du Brochet, September 22. Observed north of Fort Du Brochet, September 25.