The medial is the larger of the two planters, and is closely associated with the medial plantar artery. It passes forward from under cover of the medial annular ligament and the abductor hallucis, to the sulcus between that muscle and the flexor brevis digitorum.


(a) Muscular, to abductor hallucis and flexor brevis digitorum.

(b) Articular, to tarsal and metatarsal joints.

(c) Cutaneous, to skin on medial aspect of sole.

(d) Digital.

The first digital supplies the flexor brevis hallucis and the skin over the ball of the great toe, and the medial aspect of that toe. The second gives off an offset to the first lumbrical muscle, and divides to innervate the adjacent sides of the first and second toes. The third divides to supply the contiguous sides of the second and third toes, while the fourth digital in a similar manner is distributed to the adjacent sides of the third and fourth toes. The digital nerves furnish small twigs to the nails of the toes.