The lateral plantar accompanies the artery of the same name obliquely across the sole, under cover of the flexor accessorius (quadratus plantae). It is continued forward in the interval between the flexor brevis digitorum and the abductor minimi digiti. Opposite the base of the fifth metatarsal bone it divides into superficial and deep portions.


(a) Muscular, to the accessorius and abductor minimi digiti.

(b) Cutaneous, to the lateral side of the sole of the foot.

(c) Superficial portion, supplies the flexor brevis minimi digiti, and gives off two digital branches, the first to the lateral aspect of the little toe, and the second to the contiguous sides of the little and fourth toes. This latter branch communicates with the digital of the medial plantar.

(d) Deep portion. The deep portion follows the corresponding part of the lateral plantar artery, beneath the flexor accessorius and the oblique head of the adductor hallucis. It supplies the interossei, lateral three lumbricals, and the adductor hallucis. Articular twigs pass to the tarsal and the tarso-metatarsal joints.