a. The Omentum held up, aud bearing the great Arch of the Colon.

b. The termination of the Intestinum Ileon in the Caput Coli.

c. Caput Coli.

d. e. The Arch of the Colon, which stretches across the belly.

f. The Sigmoid Flexure of the Colon.

g. The Rectum.

h. The Bladder of Urine.

1. The Aorta.

2. The Coeliac Artery.

3. The root of the Upper Mesenteric Artery.

4. The great Lash of Arteries which go to the small intestines.

5. The Ileo-Colic Artery.

6. The Right Colic Artery.

7. The Middle Colic Artery.

8. The Lower Mesenteric Artery.

9. The Left Colic Artery; this forming a great inosculation betwixt the Upper and Lower Mesenteric Arteries.

10. The Hemorrhoidal Artery descending with the Rectum into the Pelvis.

11. The Emulgent Artery of the left side.

12. The Spermatic Artery.

13. The Middle Sacral Artery.

14. The Common Iliac Artery.

15. The External Iliac Artery.

16. The Internal Iliac Artery.

The Mesenteric Arteries