a. The Liver raised so as to show its concave surface,

b. The Gall Bladder.

c. The Stomach laid down to the left side.

d. The Omentum.

e. The Colon.

p. The Small Intestines.

1. The Aorta.

2. The Root of the Coeliac Artery.

3. The Superior Coronary Artery of the Stomach.

4. The Splenic Artery.

5. The Gastro-Epiploic Artery.

6. The same Artery running upon the great Arch of the Stomach.

7. The Pancreatica Buodenalis, a branch of the last.

The Distribution Of The Cellic Artery

8. The Hepatic Artery; it is seen to divide into the right and left hepatic arteries; the right hepatic artery is seen to give oft* the Cystic Artery; a small branch is seen passing from the trunk of the hepatic artery to the Pylorus, viz. the Lower Pyloric Artery.