This is a Plan of the Internal Maxillary Artery.

1. The Meningeal Artery, or great middle artery of the dura mater.*

2. The Lower Maxillary Artery.+

3. Irregular Arteries: the Pterygoid Arteries.

5. The Deep Internal Temporal Artery.

* This artery enters the scull by the foramen spinale of the sphenoid bone, and is the same that makes the deep furrow in the inside of the parietal bone. Mr. Walker, of Edinburgh, communicated a case where an arrow shot into the scull wounded this artery.

+ Lower Maxillary. This artery enters at the posterior foramen of the lower jaw -bone, and courses within the bone, and appears on the chin, coming out through the mental foramen. See Op. Surgery, on the bleeding of small arteries from bone. In pulling the last molaris of the lower jaw, if the inner plate of the bone be broken off, and this artery torn up among the cells of the bone, the patient may die of bleeding.

Internal Maxillary Artery

6. The Artery of the Cheek.

7. The Artery of the Upper Jaw.

8. The Infra Orbital Artery.

9. The Upper Palatine Artery.

10. The Origin of the Upper Pharyngeal Artery.