Divisions and eminences of the brain.

a. The Anterior Lobes of the Cerebrum.

b. The Middle Lobes of the Cerebrum.

c. The Posterior Lobes of the Cerebrum.

which rest upon the tentorium.

d. The Right and Left Lobes of the Cerebellum.

e. The Medulla Oblongata.

f. The Optic Nerves, cut at their union.

g. The Corpora Albieantia; the Infundí bul urn is seen betwixt these and the optic nerves.

h. The Crura Cerebri.

i. The Pons Varolii, or Tubcrculum Annulare.

k. The Eminences of the Medulla Oblongata.

called Corpora Pyramidulia.

l. The Corpora Olivaría.

Arteries Of The Brain


1. 2. The Right and Left Carotid Arteries, raised with the brain, and cut oft* as they rise at the point marked in the preceding Plate (7); that is, as they rise at the side of the sella turcica.

3. 4. The Right and Left Vertebral Arteries.

5. The Union of the Vertebral Arteries to form the Basilar Artery.

6. The Communicating Artery, or Anastomosis, betwixt the Basilar Artery and Carotid.

7. The Union of Communication betwixt the carotids of each side by the anterior arteries of the cerebrum; these anastomoses 6 and 7 form the Circle of Willis.

divisions of the internal carotid artery.

8. The Middle Artery of the Brain passing into the Fissura Silvii.

9. The Anterior Artery of the Cerebrum.

branches of the vertebral and basilar arteries.

10. The Posterior Artery of the Cerebellum from the Vertebral Arteries.

11. A very considerable branch of the Basilar Artery to the pons varolii and cerebellum, which however has no name.

12. The Anterior Artery of the Cerebellum.

13. The Posterior Artery of the Cerebrum. The lesser branches of vessels seen in this Plate are mentioned in the text, but are not distinguished by any particular name.