The trunk of the pudic artery, in some cases, instead of going out of the pelvis through the great sciatic notch, descends along the inferior surface of the bladder, and then over the prostate gland, to be distributed to the penis, or it may keep close to the outer edge of the vesicula seminalis and then pass close to the inferior surface of the corresponding lateral lobe of the prostate gland delineated in figure 72.

* Med. and Surg. Journal for 1806.

Abnormal Course of the Left Internal Pudic Artery

Fig. 72. Represents the Abnormal Course of the Left Internal Pudic Artery, under the left lobe of the Prostate (after Maclise).

A, A, Median Line intersecting B, B, dividing the deeper parts into Anterior and Posterior Regions. C, Incision showing that the Pudic Artery must be divided when it runs this course. D, D, Vas Defercus of each side. E, E, Right and Left Lobes of the Prostate. F, Ureter. H, H, Vesiculae Seminales.

Variety Of The Artery Of The Bulb

This artery may arise far back from the pudic, opposite to the tuber ischii, and, running in a tortuous direction internally, may thus reach its destination. This variety is delineated in figure 73.