The Transversalis Faciei Artery usually arises from the outer part of the external carotid a little before its termination. At its origin it is imbedded in the parotid gland, through which it proceeds outwards towards the integuments, then turns round the ramus of the lower jaw, and ascends slightly on the cutaneous surface of the masseter muscle. In this situation it lies above the duct of the parotid gland, concealed by the socia paro-tidis and surrounded by the filaments of the facial nerve. This artery sends a twig to the masseter muscle, which anastomoses with a branch of the internal maxillary; farther on, it sends several twigs to the parotid gland and its duct, and after supplying the zygomatic muscles, the orbicularis palpebrarum and the integuments, it terminates by anastomosing with the infra-orbital, buccal, and facial arteries.