Before one asks a question or expresses a doubt about the vagueness of TRIDOSHA concept of diseases vis-a-vis allopathic pathophysiological findings one must look at the concept of SROTASAS. SROTASA must be viewed as a 'pathway" of physical or chemical progression This concept is a historical proof of the fact that searches for TRUTH whether in oriental or occidental culture have never been static or stagnant But SROTASA concept also has the same accommodative character as that of TRIDOSHA This is a characteristic of alternative / parallel perspectives of medicine They are not the same inexact details but bear an insight which accommodation the larger principles One can consider YIN Si YANG, for that matter to appreciate tins point.

Srotasas A Vaiigunya

This is an abnormality in SROTASAS It can be a blocking of calcium channels block in production of Cortisol due to congenital / genetic deficiency of relevant enzymes or simply paralytic ileus leading to constipation SROTORODHA i.e. block of the pathway of which the above are few examples, can also manifest as blockage of arteries, ducts of glands bronchi etc. Alternatively diarrhea, hyperventilation, hyper dynamic circulation could be viewed as excessive or "thoroughfare', likebehaviorof SROTASAS. Thus one can see that calcium channel blockers or vasodilators are actually influencing SROTASAS in body. Not only that, even purgatives affect the GIT a great ANNAVAHASROTASA itself.


This is a more specific concept It is a proposed factor or product resulting from partial digestion of certain food products and having a characteristic predilection for joints. HTTAKSHAYA, VAATAVRUDDI and KAPHAKSHAYA may be involved leading to indigestion, constipation, dryness of joints respectively AAMA is supposed to be involved in rheumatoid arthritis and in which case it may as 111 have autoimmune properties, which goes HI and is likely, with partially digested or completely undigested proteins.


If I consider the sites of origin called as STHANAS, I can see that the sites of pranas m the body, viz PRAANA, APAANA, VYAANA, SAMAANA, UDAANA, VAAYUS or PRANAS correlate HI with VAATASTHANAS. Different sites of manifestation of VAATA and VAYUS m the body roughly correspond predominantly to nervous activity and probably also to electrical fields PITTA STAHAANAS may be related to areas / regions with predominantly high blood supply and high excitatory / catabolic neuroendocrine activity KAPHA STHAANAS may correlate with predominantly inhibitory/anabolic/ neuroendocrine activity. Abdomen, chest and throat are mainly VAATA, PITTA and KAPHA STHAANAS They can be correlated with the CHAKRAS of YOGIC concepts and also 'with the neuroendocrine organs systems One must appreciate that the concept of DOSHA STHAANAS is not a vagary of thinking Afferent fibers from about 30 feet long gastrointestinal tract from stomach on- ward? can and does influence CNS & ANS activity tremendously In a living person one must search for such interactiveness to understand disease processes holistically Moreover this is a region of suprarenal glands, gonads & plexuses PITTA STHAANA is obviously that where from oxygen and food I fuel are poured into all tissues of the body This is a region of lungs and heart and cardiac plexus. Similarly KAPHA STHAANA is region of pituitary thyroid parathyroid and C cells and correlates 111 with their influence on the body whereby they determine musculoskeletal constitution, strength and stability.

It is for this reason and with this insight that one can plan a treatment in a hohsbc manner wherein one can use for instance, PANCHAKARMA, DHANURAASANA and ANTACID simultaneously and with great effectiveness.

The processes such as inflammation, repair, hyperplasia, fibrosis, hypertrophy, dystrophy, degeneration, atrophy, necrosis, putrefaction, dysplasia, metaplasia, anaplasia, neoplasia etc have to be appreciated as effects and hence not the cause of diseases in true sense But it is not just the cause of die disease that is important but also die effect. Thus whatever be the cause, the fracture must be treated with respect to the effect on bone! I should consider this point seriously while developing holistic perspective of disease processes and treating the disease process at all the 'levels" This is especially important and in contrast to the opinion of some homeopaths who do not allow simultaneous use of remedies from other disciplines. It is true that NIJAVYAADHIS may actually behave according to the appropriate drugs proved in homeopathy the cause of which maybe in subtle forces / fields surrounding or inside the body (which may actually be inseparable sources of DOS AS extending beyond body), apart from their existence in body. This can be further clarified by considering disease processes as event complexes Whenever I consider any phenomenon in general and disease phenomenon in particular I usually commit an error of linking'or 'delinking' the event with its background / ethos inadvertently and describe the effects' of that event as if they alone constituted the event entirely which is unrealistic illusory and / or fragmentary One can easily appreciate this if one takes into account how unrelated effects and causes are sometimes linked and related causes and effects ignored while studying disease processes. In case of diseases what has been ignored so far is the space-time continuum through which die disease processes progress It must be appreciated that concept of eg a stone cannot be complete and realistic without reference to the space occupied by every atom of stone and also the stone proper. Similarly the time through which this space-matter 'exists' has also to be taken into account in view of many particles do not exist' even for a nanosecond In short, temporo-spatial- aspects of disease processes are completely ignored In fact this aspect is like a field' and the material/ or manifest aspect of the disease is like a contingent or apparent aspect of die disease process. One can appreciate this even more clearly by comparison of disease processes with the whirlwind The description of present day pathology-pathophysiology is tike description of sand movement in the whirlwind However, appreciation of event nature and temporo-spatial aspect gives insight into the 'forces" responsible for the whirlwind It is this perspective which is holistic in true sense and can possibly help us understand how homeopathic treatment works, whenever it really does This multidimensional comprehension of disease process is our contribution and highlights fundamental unity between homeopathic perspective of the diseases on the one hand and allopathic and ayurvedic and other perspectives on the other.