The specific gravity of Mr. V.'s appetite gastric juice varies between 1,006 and 1,009 with an average of 1,007. This is the average of twenty tests on an equal number of gastric-juice samples. It will thus be seen that 1,009 k an exceptional concentration.

The specific gravity of the continuous secretion is higher than that of the fluid or juice found in the empty stomach and lower than that of the appetite juice.

The specific gravity of the appetite gastric juice of the dog, as reported by Schoumow-Simanowski, Konovaloff, Friedenthal, and Rosemann varies from 1,002 to 1,007, with an average of 1,004. This low average figure is probably due to the fact that in most of these experiments the gastric juice was collected for several hours after only a few minutes of sham feeding. There is evidence that the percentage of solids in the gastric juice is greatest during the first hours of appetite or digestion secretion. The concentration of the dog's appetite gastric juice during the first 20 minutes of secretion will in all probability be found identical with that of man for the same period.