The following have been grown in a little ' alpine ' house in the west centre of London.

Saxifraga Wallacei

While, blooming from April to July. 6 in. high.

Saxifraga Hybrioa. Splendens

Tall rose spikes among fine leaves.

February To June. Saxifraga Strachevi

Alba. While. Ap>riland.

May. 2 Saxifraga D e c i p i e n s.

Rubra Grandifloka

Bright crimson. May to July. 7 in.

Saxifraga Trifurcata

White. May to July. i ft.

Saxifraga Burseriana

Silver cushions of foliage, white flowers. February to April. 3 in.

Sempervivum Araciinoideum

The curious Cobweb house-leek.

Sedum Ewersii

Grey, shining trailer, with rose flowers all summer. 4 in.

Primula Malacojoks

Lilac. All summer, on into winter. 1 jt. MwJ not be scorched by sun.

Calvary Clover (Parochetus Communis)


July to September. 0 in.

Barbary Ragwort (Othonnopsis Cheirifolia)

February to July. Yellow, silvery foliage. 18 in.

Red-Centred St. John's

W 0 r I, or Rose of Sharon (H y pericum Moserianum).


Trailer. All summer.

Sun Roses (Helianthemum • Vulgare)

Varieties, yellow, red, white, pink, etc. All summer. 8 in.

Dactylis Glomerata Elegantissima (Variegated Grass)

2 ft.

Plumbago Larpenti

Cobalt blue. Autumn and winter. 8 in.

Tethionema Grandiflora

Rosy longheads of blossom.

May to September. 2 Pot shrubs to grow, if there is space, are—

Andrew's Broom (Cytisus Andreanus)


White Broom (Cytisus Albus). Cream Broom (Cytisus Praecox)


Sweet Daphne (Daphne Mezereon)

Rosy red or white. February and March.

Trailing Daphne (Daphne Cneorum)


Myrtle (Myrtus Communis)

Ivory white.

Japanese Quince (Pyrus Japonica)

Red, rose or whitey-blush.

Rock Roses

(Cistuses can-didissimus, florentinus, formosus, purpurens, etc.). Rose, white, yellow, red-purple. Summer.


Statices Bon d"u elli, Yellow, sinuata, lavender.


Annual Butterfly flowers.

Primula Stellata


Phacelia Campanularia

Gentian blue annual. 9 in. Tobacco Plants. White and coloured hybrids.


Humea Elegans

Brownish red. Very graceful.

The Blue Gum (Eucalyptus Globulus). Feathered Cockscombs (Celosias)

Gold, scarlet, etc. 2 ft.

Tassel Flower (Cacalia Coccinea)

Hardy annual.

Vermilion. 15 in.

Spiraea Japonica

While. 2 ft.

Bleeding-Heart Flower (Dicentra Spectabilis)

Pink. 2 ft.

Bridal Wreath (Francoa Ramosa)

White. Flower spikes. 3 ft.

Solomon's Seal (Poly-Gonatum Multiflorum)

While. 3 ft.

Queen Of Saxifrages (Saxifraga Longifolia)

While. 2 ft.

Mother Of Thousands (Saxifraga Sarmcntosa)

Coloured leaves and whitish flowers, spotted with gold and scarlet. Trailing.

Spirea Palmata Elegans

Pale rose. 2% ft.

Ghent Azaleas

Yellow, apricot, copper, etc. Quite hardy, but do not bloom unless the dead flowers of previous year have been removed to prevent seed-pods.

Bugle Lilies (Watsonias)

Tall spikes of white, vermilion or terra-colla salmon. Pot bulbs (called corms) in October or November, about one inch and a half apart, and one inch deep. Keep in cool room till about to flower, when place in sunny window.