Lebanon Squill (Puschkina Libanotica Compacta)

Charming little uncommon flower, white, striped with blue. Pot, October to March, half an inch deep, an inch apart. Keep uncovered in cool place until leaves have grown.


The beautiful large or small Trumpet Daffodils can be safely planted, from September to January, out of doors in London or other towns, in ordinarily well-drained borders, with old manure added nine inches below the surface, and a very little more manure, broken fine, can be mixed with the soil above. Plant six to ten inches apart, and two to three inches deep, according to the size of the bulbs.

Polyanthus Narcissi

Treat as Daffodils.

Stella Narcissi

Treat as Daffodils.

Single Poet's Narcissus (Or Pheasant's Eye)

Treat as Daffodils.

All the above may be potted, three bulbs in a six-inch pot, from September to January, in a compost of equal parts of loam, leaf-mould, sand, and a half part of thoroughly old manure, leaving points of bulbs just uncovered. Sink in cinder bed until growth begins. Do not water till then. Weak liquid manure is of great value when buds are forming.

Gold and White Jonquils can be similarly grown, rather closer together.

The double daffodils and double white narcissi should be added to borders or outdoor beds, tubs, urns, etc., but not potted for any indoor purposes.

Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum)

Pot roots in ordinary soil, in November, in. six-inch pots, or larger clumps of roots in tubs. Keep out of doors, or in cool places, covered by coco-nut fibre refuse until growth begins.

Turban Ranunculuses

Beautiful, brilliant, many-hued flowers for rich beds, with sand added, or for window-boxes, urns, tubs, etc. Plant the tubers firmly, claw side downwards, two inches deep and three inches apart, in October or November. Mulch over with leaf-mould. Mulch with old manure in March. Can be planted in February in cold gardens. Lift the tubers in July or August, dry them in sunshine, and store.

Caff Re Flag (Schizostylis Coccinea)

Plant from September to March in sunny borders or window-boxes, two or three inches deep ; or pot three bulbs in a six-inch pot, twTo inches deep, in March. Keep in frames till June ; stand pots out till October, then take into greenhouse or window.

Siberian Squill (Scilla Sibirica)

Blue or white. Plant bulbs two inches deep, two inches apart, in October, November and December. Pot bulbs one inch apart. Keep under cinder covering, in cool place, till growth begins, then move to greenhouse or sunny window.

Bluebells (Scilla Nutans)

Blue or white. Plant bulbs, in sun or shade, in October and November.

Spanish Hyacinths (Scilla Hispanica)

White, lilac, blue or pink ' bluebells.' Treat as Scilla nutans.

Harlequin Flower (Sparaxis)

Somewhat like ixis ; many colours. Pot, in November, seven bulbs in six-inch pot. Cover with fine ashes or coco-nut fibre refuse. Keep in frost-proof room till growth appears, when lift pots out and keep in sunny window or greenhouse. Water moderately then. Dry bulbs off after flowering, but do not take them from their pots. Begin to water slightly next early spring, top-dress, and flower bulbs again in the same pots.

Jtiger Flower (Tigridia Pavonia)

Gorgeous in colour and very beautiful. Pot in March or April, three bulbs in a six-inch pot, one inch deep. Use a compost of two parts loam and one part each of peat and coarse sand. Cover with cinders in frame or glass-covered box in attic ; do not water until growth begin, when give light and air. Move to greenhouse or warm window and water freely. Give liquid manure when flowers begin to form. Dry off gradually after bloom is over. Keep pots exposed to sunshine for some weeks, then turn out bulbs and store by hanging them up in a dry room.

Bugle Lily (Watsonia Ardenei)

White. Pot, in October or November, placing three or four corms in a six-inch pot. Keep in frame, giving just enough water to prevent the soil becoming dust dry, till flower spikes show, when grow on in greenhouse or window, watering normally. Dry off in the pots, and water once, then repot in following October.

Winter Aconite (Eranthis Hyemalis)

The golden star flowers are very pretty in earliest spring. Plant bulbs an inch deep and an inch apart, in semi-shade. Can be grown in pots, like .Scilla sibirica.

Scarlet Wind Flower (Anemone Fulgens)

Plant out of doors, in beds, boxes, etc., two inches deep, six inches apart, from October to December.


Plant in October and November, three inches deep in good, fairly light soil, two inches in heavy soil. Lift and divide every fourth year. Pot one inch deep, one or two inches apart. Cover with cinder ashes ; keep in cool place till growth begins. Bulbs that have flowered in pots are useless for further pot-culture, but may be planted outside.


Plant in October, November or December, four inches deep, two or three inches apart. Pot as Crocuses.


Plant the1 crowns ' in November or December, in very rich beds in semi-shade, two inches deep, eight inches apart.


Plant, from October to March, three inches deep, four inches apart, in rich soil. Mulch over with leaf-mould the first winter. Pot in November, placing five bulbs in each five- or six-inch pot, three inches deep. Keep in frame or room, covered by cinders or coco-nut fibre refuse until growth begins. The clumps in the pots can be turned into the garden ground to finish growth, directly the flowers are over, and portions of them may be potted up again.

Star Of Bethlehem (Ornithagalum Umbellatum)

Plant in November, three inches deep, three inches apart. Pot, October to December, five or seven bulbs in six-inch pot. Keep coco-nut fibre covered till growth appears. Turn flowered bulbs into the border.

Oxalis Floribunda

Pink. Shamrock-leaved. Pot in October, placing bulbs an inch deep and an inch apart. Keep in greenhouse or sunny window.