Chap. 140, Laws 1893. Sec. 1. All public streets may be planted with shade trees along the sidewalks by order of the City Councils.

Sec. 2. Provides method of procedure in passing resolution for planting trees.

Sec. 3. Provides for hearings by owners <>f land adjoining streets to be planted, and that the choice of trees to be planted shall be governed by request of majority of owners of frontage.

Sec. 5. Provides for furnishing trees, and for planting under a contract which shall provide tor cue and maintenance for three years.

Sec. 7. Provides that all the work must be done under the direction of the superintendent of streets.

Sec. 9. Requires that the cost of street tree planting shall be assessed on the adjoining land.

Sec. 12. Provides for replacing dead trees after three years.

Sec. 13. Provides that the act shall apply to such municipalities as shall vote to come within its provisions.