Chap. 74, Laws 1901. Sec. 1. Hie County Commissioners are empowered to improve by shading the public roads and highways of their respective counties.

Sec. J. It is the duty of said Commissioners upon petition of a majority of the freeholders along any public road to improve the same by planting suitable shade trees on such part as is mentioned in the petition, the work to be done in regular order and at proper season.

Sec. 3. Provides that upon petition of land owners the Commissioners shall set shade trees not less than three nor more than six inches in diameter, and not less than ten feet high, at a distance of one eighth mile apart and fifteen feet back from the center of the road on each side in two parallel lines as markers to guide the setting of remaining trees.

Sec. 4. Provides that after markers and guides are set as per Sec. 3. the Commissioners shall purchase suitable trees and cause them to be set by contract, not less than ninety feet nor more than one hundred and ten feet apart, to be placed so as to alternate with trees on opposite side of road. Trees are not to be paid for until they have put on sufficient growth to insure continued life; not more than twenty-five cents shall be paid per tree. 1 he trees must be purchased from free holders and. taxpayers, and not more than ten dollars shall be paid to any one in one year.

Sec. 5. Provides for paying the expense of planting out of the road tax fund.

Chap. 121, Laws 1901. Sec. 1. Provides that if shall be unlawful for any person to cut any shade tree within fifteen feet from center of road bed without permission from proper authority.

Sec. 3. Provides that an offender shall be fined not less than five dollars nor more than twenty-five dollars.

It is evident from the foregoing extracts that the absence1 of shade trees on our streets and highways is not due to any lack of legislative provision for their installation, care, and maintenance. All that is needed now is a stimulation of public interest in this subject. This can be best accomplished by the organization everywhere of tree planting societies, village improvement leagues, outdoor art associations or any movement which, through combined, intelligent effort, will have an opportunity to assert itself and attain the desired beneficent results.