Chap. 243, Laws 1895. Sec. 2. The Park Commissioners of each city are empowered to regulate the planting and preservation of shade trees in the streets and public grounds. No shade tree shall be destroyed except by leave of the Commissioners. The Commissioners may by ordinances provide for the enforcement of this section, and fix penalties for a violation of the same.

Sec. 3. Upon petition of a majority in number of the owners of real estate abutting any street asking for the planting of trees, the Commissioners may plant suitable shade trees along any part <>f such street.

Sec. 4. Provides for assessing the cost of such tree planting and maintenance for three years, on the owners of property benefited.

Sec. 5. Provides that the assessment must not exceed fifty cents per foot on any land benefited, and that trees that die must be replaced without further assessment.

Chap. 171, Laws 1S99. Provides for tree planting in cities of more than 50,000 people.