On the whole, the enemies of Hevea belonging to the animal kingdom are less deadly than the vegetable pests reckoned among the parasitic fungi. The most important, that is to say the commonest, diseases of Hevea which are due to the attacks of fungi, are five in number. These may be diyided into two groups, according to their point of attack. Two of the common diseases attack the roots, whilst three of them are found upon the trunk or branches. One of the most serious of the latter also attacks the fruits. In addition to these, there are a number of other diseases which are of smaller importance from the planters' point of view, either because of their rarity or because the damage hitherto ascribed to their attacks is insignificant. Such diseases are however of special interest to the professed mycologist, whose business it is to study the conditions under which they might become more prominent, with a view to ensuring, if possible, that the necessary conditions do not arise. Some of the fungi in question attack the roots, others the stems and others again the leaves, especially in the case of young plants.