One other Garden called the Privie Garden, alias Kitchen Garden, conteyninge 17 pole, lyinge betweene ye afforsd Garden on the east and Theobaldes Parke on ye west, wth a pleasant gravelie walke lyinge betweene the wall and a hansome quicksett hedge cutt into formes, planted in the middle of the hedges with 28 cherrie trees, goeinge East, West, and North of ye sd garden, lyinge 8 stepps high in ascent from ye middle of the garden ; and ye next walke 8 stepps discendinge into a levell greene grasse walke, betweene ye afforesd hedge, standinge 8 stepps high, and another quick sett hedge wch goeth round ye Garden, with a square knott in ye middle of ye Garden turned into a compleate fashion and shape, with 3 ascents, boorded and planted with Tulipps, Lillies, Piannies, and divers other sorts of flowers. Also ye knott is compassed aboute with a Quadrangle or square squadron Quicksett hedge of white thorne and privett of nine foote in height, cutt into a compleate fashion, wth fower round arbors with seates in yem in each corner, wth two Doorewayes betweene each arbor, in all the fower sides, and betweene two Doore wayes in each side runs out a Roman T: made of ye same sort of hedginge, and of the same height. The head of everie T poyntes to ye 3 paire of staires, discendinge downe in to ye Levell from ye gravell walke. At the angle corners of the outside low squadron hedge, is planted at each corner in ye hedge 7 faire Cherrie trees. Also A Dooreway in ye sayd garden, leading into ye Mulberrie walke.Wch sayd garden is walled round, and there is growinge to the walls, 25 Apricock trees, 3 figg -trees, fower plumme trees, one peach tree, and one cherrie tree. All wch sayd house and gardens (except ye 5 Roomes under ye afforesayd Divided gallerie) are in ye occupacion of Mr. John South worth, and is worth per annum 201.