In the middlemost knott of the afforesd nine knotts as alsoe in the middle of ye Garden standeth a large handsome Fountaine of white Marble standinge upon 3 stone stepps, (etc).

In the middle of two of the afforesd greene knotts, . . . standeth two ficrures of wainseott well carved . ..

In the South side of wch sayd Garden, and in the middle of a gravelled walke ... a faire banquetinge house built upon stone pillars, in ye fashion of a halfe round (&c).

There are growinge to the walles of the Capitall house side in the garden 5 Apricocke trees and 14 Muscadine Vines well ordered and planted, 41. 15s.

51 Ciprus trees, 121. 15s.

25 Cherrie trees, 71. 10s.

240 Lyme, Elm, and Sycamore trees, worth 70. 12 Black Cherry trees, 31.

There are also descriptions of eight gravelled walks, two Garden houses, two small rooms or seats, Cherrie trees, the Thorne hedge, other thorn hedges, Black Cherrie trees, Fruite trees, Bay trees, two seats, two stone crosses, 6 stepps, Vine trees and Barberrie trees, the White thorne hedge, the Maze Garden, the Tripesa (of 8 triangles made of white thorne), Fruite trees, a doore leadinge into ye longe greene Mulberrie walke, the Fountaine Courte, the Middle Courte, the Diall Courte, the Base Courte, the Dovehouse Courte, the Stonie close, 111 trees each side of a walk, the 14 Elms, the Greene Walke, Mulberrie trees (72 worth 81. 12s.) the Orchard, the Dovehouse.

This survey is signed by Raphe Baldwyn, Ric. Heiwood, Rowland Brasbridge, and John Brudenall, and examined by William Webb, Surveyor General.