NUTRITIOUS, fine-flavored soups of almost any variety can be purchased in cans. Among the most popular that are carried at practically all grocers are:

Clear Soups

As bouillon, consomme, clam.

Vegetable Cream Soups

As asparagus, bean, celery, pea, tomato.

Meat And Vegetable Thick Soups

As beef, ox tail, mock turtle, chicken gumbo, clam chowder, vegetable.

Extracts (Cube, Paste Or Liquid)

As bouillon, chicken, clam, vegetable.

You will do well to keet several cans of your favorite soups always in the houso. Not only are they wonderful savers of labor but they are a boon in emergencies to eke out an otherwise slim meal.

Ready-to-serve soups usually need to be diluted with water or milk. Adapt thern to the taste of your family by adding seasoning if you think it necessary. For variety you can combine canned soups of different flavors as pea and bouillon, chicken and celery, beef and tomato. A last-minute substantial soup can be produced from left-overs of meat, vegetables, rice or macaroni by adding them to canned beef bouillon; simmer for fifteen minutes.

Creamed soups which the housewife can evolve from canned vegetables (pea, spinach, corn, lima bean and so forth) are quickly made and too familiar to require directions here. They are especially good in cold weather or for meals at which cold meat or no meat at all is served. Baked beans (or other canned beans) cooked with an equal quantity of water and seasoned, make a delicious bean chowder.

Seasonings for soups are: celery and onion flavor, catsup, Worcestershire sauce, Kitchen Bouquet, meat extracts, dried parsley and bay leaf. To use these most successfully, they should be simmered in the soup for twenty to thirty minutes. This is especially important in the case of dried parsley and bay leaf.

With a variety of canned goods on the shelves and plenty seasonings, a dainty company soup or a hearty family dish is quickly forthcoming. Individual servings may be topped off with whipped cream or sprinkled with chopped parsley or grated cheese. Croutons or crisp crackers are usually served with this course.

For other uses of canned soups see pages 7, 8, 9.