Bread, home-made. French. wholemeal, brown.

Biscuits, Captain's. Oliver (Bath).

Unleavened. Oatmeal.

(Should be more or less stale.) (Toast prepared as on p. 44.)

Tea, prepared as on p. 45.

Coffee, prepared as on p. 45. .

Chocolate, preferably water chocolate (see p. 46).

Cocoa, Boot's Cuca Cocoa, Van Houten's.

Porridge, boiled at least 40 minutes; no sugar or syrup.

Hominy, boiled and grilled (see p. 49).

Eggs, boiled not more than three minutes.

poached or as omelette (see p. 47).

buttered with shrimps, ham, etc. (see p. 48). No fried eggs.

Ham or bacon well grilled and the liquid fat drained off. Fresh fish preferably boiled or grilled; none fried. Kippers, bloaters, Finnan haddocks.

Grilled steak or chop.


Cold meat or fowl.

Baked apples. Marmalade.

Fresh fruit, preferably before the meal.

Number of dishes allowed besides liquids.