Fried Turnovers

Take short pie-crust, roll rather thin, cut in rounds the size of a saucer. Put in the center apple-sauce, or any stewed fruit, not too juicy. Wet edges with cold water, fold in the middle to make a half circle, pinch carefully, to keep juice from running. Fry in frying basket, in boiling fat. Sprinkle with sugar. Serve in a hot napkin.

Russian Turnovers

The Russians and Germans do not cook soup meat to shreds. Take one cup of cold chopped soup meat. Season with one-quarter of a clove of garlic, a speck of cayenne, a few drops of lemon juice, a tablespoon of melted butter, one-half teaspoon of salt. Roll out short crust rather thin, cut with large biscuit cutter. Put in the center of rounds one tablespoon of chopped meat. Fold over as directed above. Bake. Serve with soup.