Hurler's White Fondant

Two and one-half cups of granulated sugar, one and one-half cups of cold water. Boil to 246° After the mixture begins to boil wash down the sides with a brush to prevent graining, but do not stir ; wet the brush in cold water. For tough cream add one-quarter of a teaspoonful of cream tartar ; pour out mixture and work to a cream ; then put away covered tight for three days.

Hurler's Coffee Fondant

One-half pound of coffee, one and one-half cups of water, two and one-half pounds of A sugar. Put coffee and water into a dish, steep until ready to boil ; remove at once, strain, add sugar, and boil to 245°, as directed above.

Pop Corn Candy

One pint of molasses, one-half pint of white sugar, butter the size of an egg, level teaspoon of sugar, four quarts of pop corn. Boil until when dropped in cold water it is brittle. Flour a board and pour the mixture over it. Pile the pop corn on the top and press down. When nearly cold crease into squares.

Baby Cream

Four cups granulated sugar, one cup of water, fresh butter size of an egg.

Cream Peppermints

Make a syrup of one-half of a pint of water, ten ounces of granulated sugar. Boil to 230 degrees. Add one-half of a teaspoon of cream of tartar. If not stiff enough, add powdered sugar. Color pink and flavor with wintergreen if wished. Drop on marble or into forms.

Cream For French Candies

Four cups of granulated sugar. Pour over the sugar one cup of boiling water ; stir till dissolved; add two tablespoons of glucose; boil. When dropped in cold water, a ball can be made. Pour out; beat till thick. Put on a marble slab and work till creamy.