One cup of finely ground coffee and one egg mixed well together with two tablespoons of cold water. Pour over one quart of boiling water ; let boil five minutes. To make good tea and coffee the water must be boiling not simmering. To make coffee for picnics, festivals, etc., put in flannel bags, pour boiling water on, and let boil ten minutes. This is by far the most satisfactory way of preparing for large gatherings. Black coffee is made twice as strong as other coffee.

Vienna coffee is the addition of whipped cream piled on each cup.

Cafe au Lait is half coffee and half hot milk.

Coffee and cognac is brandy or cognac poured over lumps of sugar; set on fire ; when it stops burning add one teaspoon to each cup of black coffee.

A pinch of soda added to coffee when it is cooked takes away the acidity.