2 cups strawberry juice.

Juice of 5 oranges Juice of 5 lemons 1 can grated pineapple.

1 cup strong Kaffir tea.

2 cups sugar.

1 quart of water.

1 quart carbonated soda water.

Make a syrup by boiling the water and sugar together for 10 minutes. Prepare the tea by using 4 times the quantity of Kaffir tea called for in that recipe. Add the fruit juices, tea and the pineapple. Let stand for one-half hour or more, then strain first through a strainer and then through cheese cloth. Chill and add the carbonated water. Apollinaris may be used, if more convenient. If desired a cup of Maraschino cherries may be added. Place a block of ice in the punch bowl and pour the chilled beverage over it. This quantity will serve 60 people.