Except in German the writing of certain words with big initial letters, has come into use such as nouns, adjectives and others. Both ways of writing are correct but one or the other should keep its character, and a bill of fare or menu should not be printed with some of the words beginning with small, and others with capital letters.

A few instances follow here:

Lanque de Boeuf a P Anglaise. Palais de Boeuf frit, Sauce aux Tomates. Petits Pates de Cervelles de Veau. Ris de Veau a la Napolitaine. Potage puree de concombres aux petits pois. Beef Tongue, Engjlish. Fried Beef Palate, Tomato Sauce Small Patties of Calf's Brain. Mollejas de Ternero a la Napolitana.

Lanque de boeuf a l'anglaise. Palais de boeuf frit, sauce aux tomates. Petits pates de cervelles de veau. Ris de veau a la napolitaine. Potage Puree de Concombres aux Petits Pois. Beef tongue, English. Fried beef palate, tomato sauce Small patties of Calf's brain. Mollejas de ternero a la napolitana.

In German all words are written according to the gramatical rules.