As to the punctuation, much care should be taken because it often leads to misunderstandings, especially on bills of fare on which the dishes are not classified. The following instances give an idea as to how the punctuation in the different languages should be made.


1. Homard au riz, americaine.

2. Homard au riz a l'americaine.

3. Sole etuve, Victoria.

4. Sole etuve a la Victoria.

5. Homard froid, sauce aux herbes.

6. Homard froid a la sauce aux herbes.

7. Truite bleu, beurre frais.

8. Truite bleu au beurre frais.

9. Filets de mouton panes, grilles, a la puree de carottes.

10. Boeuf a la mode, puree de pommes d. t.

11. Cafe, the et chocolat.

12. Cafe, the, chocolat.


1. Lobster with rice, American.

2. Lobster with rice in American style.

3. Stewed sole, Victoria; Sole stewed, Victoria.

4. Stewed sole, Victoria style; Stewed sole in Victoria style.

5. Cold Lobster, herb sauce; Lobster cold, herb sauce.

6. Cold lobster with herb sauce.

7. Blue trout, fresh butter; Trout blue, fresh butter.

8. Trout blue with fresh butter.

9. Tenderloin of mutton breaded, broiled, with carrot puree.

10. Larded, braised beef, mode style, mashed potatoes.

11. Coffee, tea and chocolate.

12. Coffee, tea, chocolate.


1. Cangrejo con arroz, americana.

2. Cangrejo con arroz a la americana.

3. Lenguado estofado, Victoria.

4. Lenguado estofado a la Victoria.

5. Cangrejo frio, salsa con hierbas (salsa de hierbas).

6. Cangrejo frio con salsa de hierbas.

7. Trucha azul, mantequilla fresca.

8. Trucha azul con mantequilla fresca.

9. Solomillos de carnero panadeados, emparrillados, con pure de zanahorias.

10. Vaca mechada, rehogada a la moda con pure de papas.

11. Cafe, te y chocolate.

12. Cafe, te, chocolate.


1. Hummer mit Reis, amerikanisch.

2. Hummer mit Reis auf amerikanische Art.

3. Gedampfte Seezunge, Victoria; Seezunge gedampft, Victoria.

4. Gedampfte Seezunge nach Victoria.

5. Kalter Hummer, Krauter-Tunke (Krautertunke).

6. Kalter Hummer mit Krauter-Tunke.

7. Blau gekochte Forelle, frische Butter.

8. Forelle blau gekocht mit frischer Butter.

9. Brotierte, gerostete Hammellenden-Schnitten, Mohrenmus.

10. Gespickter Rindsschmorbraten, modisch mit Kartoffelmus.

11. Kaffee, Tee und Schokolade.

12. Kaffee, Tee, Schokolade.