Another delicious grape fruit salad is made as follows: Ingredients. Grape fruit, 1 lettuce, 1 or 2 slices of pineapple, a few muscat grapes.


Halve the grape fruit, and core and prepare them as already described. If the grape fruit is not very large, it is better to serve this salad in large special grape fruit glasses, which are obtainable everywhere. If, however, the grape fruit are quite large, the other ingredients can fit in. Having cored and detached the sections, lift the sections carefully, and line the whole of the grape fruit with finely chopped lettuce, sprinkled with a little salad oil and salt and pepper. Replace the sections neatly, covering the lettuce, so that the grape fruit looks as if it had not been touched. Fill the centre with chopped lettuce, and decorate with thin strips of pineapple and a few white grapes, cut in half and the pips removed. All the grape fruit salads should be served very cold.