I am always very thrilled when I meet someone who takes an intelligent interest in food, and who realises that cooking is an art and that food is not merely fodder. I am afraid such people are few and far between in this country, but having met one recently, and that in the person of my publisher, Mr. Herbert Joseph—I celebrated the occasion by composing a new salad and dedicating it to him.


The number of grape fruit required—for 6 people, 3 large grape fruit, 1 lb. of dessert apples, sugar, wine vinegar.


Peel and core the apples, and cut them up in small cubes. Soak in wine vinegar for a few hours—the longer the better. The apples should be quite tender. Cut the grape fruit in halves, core them and section them neatly, detaching them from the skin with a small knife specially made for the purpose. Sprinkle freely with sugar. Fill the centre with the apples and a little vinegar. Serve iced or very cold.