Meat 1 seer, wheat 1 seer, ghee 2 1/2 powa, curd 1/2 powa, almonds 1/2 powa, raisins 1/2 powa, pistachios 1 chhatak, pepper 21/2 tolas, ginger 1 1/2 tola, coriander seeds 1 1/2 tola, garam-masalla 1/2 tola, black cumin seeds 1/8 tola, a few cassia leaves, salt 3 tolas and onions 1/2 powa.


Take all the coriander seeds, half the ginger and peppers and a few pieces of raw onions; break them into pieces in mortar with pestle and bind them carefully and loosely in a piece of clean cloth. Boil this bundle of spices with meat and 2 tolas of salt in about 4 seers of water till it reduces to half. Take the akhni water out and keep it covered.

Now mix the curd, the rest of the powdered peppers, pasted ginger, salt, and half the garam-masalla, powdered, with the boiled meat. Take about 1/2 powa of ghee in a pan and "heat it with half of the black cumin seeds and cassia leaves. After about 4 or 5 minutes add the onions, peeled and cut in pieces, and stir till they are fully fried.

Then add the boiled meat and stir for about 15 minutes till they are red. Then take down.

Take 1/2 powa of ghee again in the pot and brown the pistachios and almonds, peeled and cut in pieces after keeping them under water for about half an hour. Add the raisins when they are slightly browned and take them out when they are fully browned. Take a little more ghee in the pan, if necessary, and fry the rest of the garam-masalla in it. When the smell of the spices evolves add the wheat, washed and dried, and stir for about 7 or 8 minutes. Then add the akhni water and boil. Take down when the water dries up.

Now heat the rest of the ghee in a boiler and take half of it out. Then make a layer of cassia leaves in the boiler and sprinkle the rest of the black cumin seeds on them. After this make a layer of the boiled wheat and on it one of all the fried pistachios, almonds and raisins, mixed together. Then on them make as many alternate layers of meat and wheat as possible. Pour the rest of the hot ghee on the uppermost layer, shut the mouth of the boiler and apply very gentle heat for about an hour or more, when the polao will be ready to be-served. Wheat is only a substitute for rice in. this polao.