Keep 1 powa of almonds moist for a couple of hours, then peel them, cut in pieces and make a paste of them with the necessary amount of water. Mix this paste, with 1 powa of cream of milk and 1/2 powa of ghee with 1 seer of fine flour. Beat to a stiff dough adding a little water if necessary. Prepare small cubes of it, fry in plenty of boiling ghee to a light brown colour and smear them with a very concentrated syrup of 1 powa of sugar.


Boil a syrup of 3 powas of sugar, add a seer of besam of any kind of pulse and stir vigorously till it is a very stiff dough when take the pan down. Prepare cakes of the mass and fry in plenty of ghee till brown.


Boil 3 powas of ghee. Add to it besam of kalai 1/2 seer, besam of grams 1 powa, sugar 1 seer, powdered ginger 1 tola and half a pinch of camphor previously mixed together. Stir till the mass is a very stiff dough when take it off fire. Prepare balls of it and" serve when cool.


Mix together fine flour 1 seer, a syrup of 1/2 seer of sugar, ghee 1/2 seer and 3 or 4 drops of essence of rose. Prepare balls of the mass and arrange them in a big metal dish. Cover it by another of the same size and close the join with some flour paste. Place the whole thing on burning coals and surround it on all sides and above with more burning coals. Remove the ashes when the coals are burnt up and serve the balls when cool.


Boil 3 or 4 seers of pure milk and then make the heat very mild so that the milk may no longer boil. Fan the surface of the milk with a small hand fan when creams will form. Remove the creams constantly to the sides of the boiling pan with a thin stick till the formation of creams ceases. Then remove the pan off fire, transfer the creams on a plate and beat thoroughly adding requisite quantities of crystalline sugar, cardamom seeds and essence of rose. Form balls of the paste and serve.


Make a moderately thick paste of khowa kheer 1/2 seer, sabeda 1/2 seer, besam 1/2 powa, powders of pepper and cardamom 1/4 tola each and very little saffron with water, and beat thoroughly. Fry this paste in very fine drops in plenty of boiling ghee till reddish brown in the same way as Mihidana. Then take them out with the same perforated ladle and drop in a syrup of sugar. Take them out again when saturated and form into big balls like Mihidana.


Fry 1/2 seer of fine flour with 1/2 seer of ghee till brown. Then add a seer of milk and when it boils add a very concentrated syrup of 21/2 powas of sugar, a pinch of powdered cloves and very little saffron. Raisins, pieces of almonds and pistachios may be added as desired. Take down when very thick. Constant stirring is necessary throughout the whole preparation.


Boil 2 seers of milk with 1 powa of sugar stirring constantly till it is a stiff paste. Scrape together this kheer from the pan and beat thoroughly.

Make a paste of 1 seer of hard chhana and mix it thoroughly with 3 powas of fine flour, and further make a stiff dough of them with milk. Prepare elongated cakes of it stuffed with the previously prepared kheer, fry them in plenty of ghee and drop them in a syrup of sugar. Serve when saturated with syrup.