Mix salt, pastes of ginger, onions, garlic and chillies with minced mutton and keep aside for some time. Then mix it thoroughly with a little ghee and besam of grams to a stiff mass. Form balls of it, attach them at the end of a pointed iron stick and roast on charcoal flame till brown dropping ghee on them at intervals.

Meat Kabab With Condensed Milk

Mix together to a stiff paste 1/2 seer of minced meat, 1/2 powa of slightly fried khowa kheer (dry condensed milk), 1/2 powa of besam of grams or powdered rice, 1 chhatak of ghee, powders of pepper, cumin and garam-masalla 1 tola each, salt 1/2 tola, sugar, ginger-juice, fried and powdered almonds and raisins as desired, and water. Beaten eggs may be added if desired. Make balls of it and roast on slow heat on an iron fork adding ghee at intervals. It is a rich and delicious preparation.

Fowl Kabab

Prepare a fowl and thrust the neck, legs, etc. into the body to make it a single lump of flesh. Make a paste of onions, ginger, chillies, coriander, cumin and garam masalla, and mix with it curd, ghee and salt. Smear the lump with the pasted spices and keep aside for half an hour. Then stuff its bowels with these spices or with minced meat fried with salt, powdered pepper, pieces of almonds, boiled potatoes and the white of boiled eggs. Pass a thin iron rod through the lump lengthwise and roast all the sides on charcoal fire dropping ghee at intervals till deep brown. All domestic fowls and game-birds can be prepared thus.