Potato Croquettes

Take one pound and a half of potatoes, tablespoonful of cream, two eggs, half-ounce of butter, grain of cayenne pepper, three tablespoonfuls of bread-crumbs, pepper and salt. First put in a pan butter and cream ; stir over a fire until melted, then add seasoning and potatoes, after they have been passed through a sieve; drop in the yolks of two eggs— stir until the yolks are dried, then take off the fire ; flour the board; take tablespoonful of the mixture and form in long squares about an inch thick ; put on a paper bread-crumbs, then cover the croquettes with the whites of eggs, and roll them in the crumbs; smooth over with a knife, then fry them in hot fat twro minutes; then take them out, put them on paper to drain, and serve.

Veal Croquettes

Mince the lean part of the veal very fine. Take two cupfuls of veal and teacupful of boiled bread and milk, with a small quantity of parsley and celery boiled in it, also a small piece of butter. Chop a very small piece of onion and a little mace and mix with the meat, and season with salt and pepper. Roll in the form of a sugar-loaf, and dip in cracker-dust and egg, and boil in lard like doughnuts.

Sweetbreads (French Style)

Take two sweetbreads, put them into hot water, and let them boil ten minutes ; when cool, skin but do not break them; season with salt and pepper, and dredge over a little flour, then fry them slowly in butter a light brown on both sides; when done place them on a dish, and remove all the brown particles from the pan (retaining the butter); then pour in, while on the fire, one gill of boiling water, and dredge in one dessert-spoonful of flour and a little caramel, stirring it all the time; then season with salt and pepper, to taste ; mix well, and just before removing it from the fire, stir in gradually two tablespoonfuls of Madeira wine.

Sweetbreads With Peas

Lay the sweetbreads in cold water for a short time, then parboil them ; take them out of the water, and take off all the skin, then put them in a saucepan and boil them tender; make a cream sauce, season with pepper and salt; have some green peas, boiled, and seasoned; put the sweetbreads on a hot dish, and the peas around them; pour over the cream sauce. Serve at once.

Larded Sweetbreads

Parboil three or four sweetbreads; this should be done as soon as they are brought in, as few things spoil more rapidly. When half-boiled lay them in cold water; prepare a force meat of grated bread, butter, and pepper and salt and nutmeg, lemon-peel, mixed with beaten yolk of egg; cut open the sweetbreads and stuff them with it, fastening them afterwards with a skewer, or tying them round with pack-thread; have ready some strips of bacon-fat, and some slips of lemon-peel cut about the thickness of small straws ; lard the sweetbreads with them in alternate rows of bacon and lemon-peel, drawing them through with a larding-needle; then put them in the oven to brown. Serve them with gravy flavored with a glass of Madeira, and enriched with beaten yolk of egg stirred in at the last.