One quart of water, two and one-half cupfuls of sugar, one and one-half cupfuls of strawberry juice, strained. Prepare like lemon ice.

Iced Strawberry Fool

Crush one pound of fresh strawberries in a bowl with the strained juice of one-half lemon and three-fourths of a cupful of sugar. Rub them through a fine sieve. Beat one cupful of cream, stir into this the strawberry puree, add a little more sugar if not sweet enough and just a drop or two of red color. Freeze and serve in glasses.

Strawberry And Macaroon Ice

Sprinkle one box strawberries with one cupful sugar, cover and let stand two hours. Mash, squeeze through cheesecloth and add juice of one lemon and a few grains salt. Pour into a quart brick mold, adding enough cold water to half fill the mold. Mix one-half pint heavy cream and one-third cupful milk and beat until stiff. Add one-third cupful powdered sugar, two-thirds cupful rolled macaroon drops, one-half tablespoonful vanilla, and a few grains salt. Pour on enough strawberry juice to overflow the mold, cover with buttered paper and with the tin cover. Pack in equal parts of ice and salt and let stand three hours.

Frozen Strawberry Nectar

Whip one pint of sweet double cream until thick. Fold in two cupfuls of powdered sugar, one-half cupful of finely chopped blanched almonds and one quart of strawberries slightly crushed. Turn into a pudding mold having a tube in the center. Pack in ice and salt, cover with a heavy blanket and let stand in a cool place for three or four hours. When ready to serve, turn out carefully, and fill the hollow center with sweetened berries mixed with whipped cream.

Frozen Strawberry Cream

2 cupfuls sugar.

1 quart strawberries.

1 cupful water.

1 cupful cream.

Make a syrup by boiling together the sugar and water; add the berries cut into halves and simmer them in the syrup for fifteen minutes. Remove the fruit, add the cream to the remaining syrup, cool and freeze rather soft. Now add the strawberries, pack down closely, and set aside for two hours to ripen.