Peel and remove eyes from pineapple. Cut into small pieces. To one quart of pineapple allow one pint of water and one-half pound of sugar. Boil sugar and water for fifteen minutes, then cook pineapple in syrup for twenty minutes. Fill jars and seal.

Pineapple And Orange Marmalade

Slice thin six sweet oranges and four limes. Cut fine, or shred with silver fork, a medium-sized pineapple (about three pounds) from which rind has been cut. Add to other fruits and pineapple rind. For each pound of fruit allow one quart of water. Cook one hour. Then let stand twenty-four hours. Cook again until rind is tender. Let cool, weigh, add equal weight of sugar and cook until mixture jellies. Turn into glasses and seal.

Pineapple, Strawberry And Cherry Conserve

One quart pitted cherries, one quart hulled strawberries, one large shredded pineapple, three pounds of sugar and one-half pound chopped English walnut meats. Put fruit in saucepan and bring slowly to a boil. Add sugar and nuts and boil mixture about five minutes. Skim out fruit and cook syrup until it is thoroughly heated. Fill glasses or small jars and seal.