Mock Turtle Soup With Variations

Flour, mixed in cold water, boil five minutes longer. Put the forced meat balls into the tureen with several slices of lemon, pour the soup over and serve. "Fit for a king".

Mock Turtle Soup

Cut a calf's head, dressed from the butchers, in four parts, the skull from the lower jaw and again in two, soak in cold water 2 or 3 hours, put the brains in and tie it together, add salt and boil in a pot of water until the meat falls off, skim as soon as it boils, and then throw in two potatoes and two onions chopped, a handful of chopped parsley and a bunch of thyme twigs, two tablespoons of mixed spices, (allspice, cloves, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon and black pepper.) Take out the bones and some of the meat, a quarter of a pound of butter with two tablespoons of flour mixed together added. Boil hard two eggs, chop fine the whites, and just before serving mash the yolks very fine and make into little eggs with flour. The breast of veal with meat-heads made in the same way is a good substitute.

Mock Oyster Soup

Grate the corn fine. To a dozen ears add 1 quart of water; boil 15 minutes, add 2/3 of a quart of milk and 1 tablespoonful of corn starch or flour, and boil 10 minutes, add 1/4 pound butter and season well with pepper and salt.

Mock Bisque Soup. Grace May Thomas

One can of tomatoes (strained), 1 quart of sweet milk, 1 teaspoonful of soda, season with pepper and salt, add 2 teaspoonsful of corn starch just as it begins to boil. Pour into the tureen and add butter the size of an egg. Twice the above quantity of butter makes it better.

Oyster Soup

Put one quart of water in a vessel with a slice of bacon, let it boil, then add one quart of oysters with one tablespoonful of fine black pepper, four ounces of butter, three tablespoonsful of flour, one tablespoonful sweet Cream, and salt enough to season it. After boiling it ten minutes longer add the yolks of two eggs well beaten and let the boiling continue about fifteen minutes longer. Take the bacon out and the soup is ready to be served.

Oyster Soup

One can of oysters, 1 quart of milk, 1 dozen crackers rolled, boil oyster liquor and 1 pint of cold water together, when it comes to a boil stir in the milk and oysters, butter and crackers, add salt and pepper. Serve hot.

Oyster Soup

One quart of oysters, if solid, wash in 1 quart of cold water, if liquid, in 1 pint. Drain water through a colander into a kettle, let come to a boil, skim carefully. Put 1 quart of milk on to boil, when it boils, thicken with two tablespoonsful of corn starch mixed with a little cold milk, then add boiling liquor of oysters, 1/2 cup of butter and the oysters. Season to taste and serve.

Potato Soup

Boil in 2 quarts of water (more or less) 6 or 8 large potatoes. Mash the potatoes when done, or crush with a spoon, salt and pepper well. Then add 2 quarts milk and a large lump of butter, let boil. Less milk and some Cream is better. When boiling stir in a few cracker crumbs, and when ready for table drop in some Boston crackers split in two.