"Who sweeps a room as for Thy law, Makes that and th' action fine".


Beef Gall

Get it fresh from your butcher. Use 1 tablespoon to a gallon of water. Put in a large tablespoon of salt, set in a cool place. good for washing carpets, calicos, etc.

Cement For Making Leather Boots Water Proof

Used for a century by New England fishermen.

Four ounces tallow, 1 ounce resin, 1 ounce beeswax. Melt together with a gentle heat and add equal bulk of Neat foot oil. Melt when used and rub in boots before the fire.

Cleaning Fluid

One gallon gasoline, 1 ounce alchohol, 1/8 ounce bay rum, 1/8 ounce spirits of ammonia, 1/2 ounce chloroform, 1/2 ounce ether, 1/2 ounce powdered borax. Add more borax and more ammonia for badly soiled articles.

Corn Starch Paste

Corn starch makes the best paste for scrap books. Dissolve a small quantity in cold water, then cook it thoroughly. Be careful not to get it too thick. When cold it should be thin enough to apply with a brush.

Clear Starching And Ironing. French System

White soap, Coleman's starch, 2 clean dusters, a soft cloth to use as a damper, an old raisin box with a layer of powdered bath brick collars, cuffs, shirts, etc., washed and dried but unstarched, a handful of dry starch in a bowl, 1/2 teaspoon of lump borax dissolved in a teacup of boiling water placed at one side of basin. Pour some cold water over the starch, a little at a time until the lumps are gone, then add.

Leaking Lamps

If lamps be cleaned and wiped dry and the wicks turned down below the top of the burners, there will never be a trace of oil upon the outside.

Mixture For Washing Carpets

One bar soap, 4 ounces borax, 8 ounces sal soda, 2 ounces alum. Boil in 1/2 gallon of water 15 minutes; add 4 gallons of water. Wash with this as much of the carpet as you can reach at once. Then take a smooth shingle and draw toward you, taking up all the lather into a bucket by itself. Then wash with clean water and clean cloths. Wipe as dry as possible with dry cloths, and proceed to another place.

Silver Cleaner

Gorham manufacturing co.

Dissolve 1 pound Spanish whiting in water, stir it thoroughly, and let it settle, then pour off the top, so the grit will be freed. Let the residue settle again, and pour off the top, thus obtaining the pure the cup of borax water. It now has the consistency of good milk or thin Cream. Take the piece of white soap and rub in the starch water as if washing, until it is quite pasty. Add a few drops of Paris blue dissolved. Take 6 collars for instance, dip them in cold water and wring them out. Then wash them in the starch water, wring them out and wash them as it were in the air. Then lay one by one in a clean cloth, wringing in the cloth. Have a hot iron, rub in the brick dust, dust with cloth. Have a piece of white wax in the layers of a clean cloth. Rub iron hastily over. Dust again. For a beginner 'tis best to lay a cloth over the collar first. An expert will dispense with this. Iron first on one side and then the other until the steam ceases to rise, then polish by bearing more heavily on the iron. Bring the two button hole ends together, dampen with the lips and press iron on the two ends. Hang the circled collar on a clean stick to dry.