Excellent Hair Wash

Take 1 ounce of borax, 1/2 ounce of camphor; powder these ingredients fine, and dissolve them in 1 quart of boiling water. Damp the hair frequently. This wash cleanses and strengthens the hair. The camphor will form into lumps after being dissolved, but the water will be sufficiently impregnated whiting; add 1 ounce of borax, dissolved in as little water as necessary ; add 1/2 pint spirits of camphor, 1 pint aqua ammonia. Put in a bottle and cork tight.

Sweet Potatoes keep well in sand.

Sweep Carpets with saw dust, wet with borax and ammonia water. There is nothing that freshens up a carpet like this for you have to sweep so hard to get out the saw dust that you clean your carpet well.

How To Preserve Eggs For Winter Use

One gallon cold water, 1 pint coarse salt, not quite 1 pint unslacked lime. Mix all together in a stone jar and let it stand 24 hours. It is then ready for the eggs, which may all be put in at once, or from time to time.

Another Way To Preserve Eggs For Winter Use

Grease the surface of the egg thoroughly with a piece of bacon rind. Pack in salt, taking care that the eggs do not touch each other, or the sides of the jar. Always put the small end down.

How To Clean Marble

Two parts washing soda, 1 part pumice stone, 1 part finely powdered chalk. Sift through a fine sieve and mix with water. Rub the slab well with this and then wash with soap and water.

How To Wash Blankets

One bar kitchen soap cut and dissolved in hot water, 2 tablespoons powdered borax. Fold blankets and soak over night or several hours. Do not rub unless there are spots. Squeeze and douse and pull from one hand into the other. Rinse in two or three lukewarm waters and hang in a hot sun without wringing.

Potato water made from boiling 12 or 15 potatoes in 6 quarts of water, pare and slice the potatoes, boil and strain through a hair sieve, when cool enough use it to wash calicoes without soap.

Bran water is good to prevent fading.

Alum will restore green. Dissolve alum one-half the size of an egg in a bucket of water.

Clean zinc with kerosene oil.

Clean copper with turpentine and fine brick dust. Soda is also good, sprinkle on and cover with a wet cloth.

Whites of eggs for burns; also dry flour.

Hot water prevents discoloration from bruises; use it hot as can be borne.

Hot mush will remove pain; it can be used in place of hot fomentations. Spread thick like a mustard plaster. Will keep warm for hours.

How To Keep Away " Fly Time."

In April and May when the flies seek the sunny window panes kill them then and there. This must be repeated every day. Those large torpid flies will lay thousands of eggs which will be flies by the last of April. Kill them all winter, they often come out with the warm days. Don't let one escape out.

Cement For Fruit Jars

One pound of resin, 2 ounces of mutton tallow, 2 ounces of beeswax. Melt it together.