butter the bottom and sides of your baking dish. Then put in a thick layer of oysters, each of which has been examined carefully for pieces of shell; put lumps of butter thickly over the top, and pepper and salt. Then put on a layer, not too thick, of bread crumbs und pounded cracker, half and half. Add another layer of oysters, seasoning, bread and cracker crumbs, untill the dish is full, covering the top with the crumbs and with lumps of butter. There is no liquor of any kind to be added to this. If there has not been too large a proportion of bread and cracker used it will be moist enough-and will be much better. Bake at least one hour.

Escaloped Oysters

For one quart of oysters butter a pudding dish, then sprinkle a layer of bread crumbs, then put in a layer of oysters, then season with bits of butter, salt and pepper, then another layer of bread crumbs; moisten with equal quantities of milk and oyster liquor, repeat until dish is full, having crumbs on top. Place small bits of butter on top. Cover until nearly done, then remove cover and brown. Bake one-half hour.