Stewed Oysters

Drain the liquor from 2 quarts of firm, plump oysters; mix with it a small teacupful of hot water, add a little salt and pepper, and set over the fire in a saucepan. When it comes to a boil, add a large cupful of rich milk (Cream is better.) Let it boil up once, put in the osters, let them boil for five minutes or less- not more. When they "ruffle," add 2 tablespoonsful of butter, and the instant it is melted and well stirred in, take the saucepan from the fire. Serve with oyster or Cream crackers, as soon as possible. Oysters become tough and tasteless when cooked too much, or left to stand too long after they are withdrawn from the fire. A good and safe plan is, to heat the milk in a separate vessel set in another of hot water, and after it is mingled with the liquor and oysters, stir assiduously or it may " catch," as the cooks say-i. e., scorch on the sides or bottom of the saucepan.

Oyster Pie

Cover a deep plate with rich puff paste and bake it, then fill with oysters, seasoned with a little salt, pepper, and plenty of butter, and 2 hard-boiled eggs sliced. Cover with just a sprinkling of cracker crumbs: over all pour the liquor from the oysters, and cover with puff paste, securing the edges well, and pricking the paste several times with a fork. Twenty minutes in a hot oven is required to bake it.

Oyster Pie

Spread rich paste around the edge and sides of a large deep dish. 100 oysters, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon pepper, 1 tablespoon of nut- meg, cinnamon, and mace, mixed, 6 hard boiled eggs, chopped fine.

Pour oysters into the dish with as much liquor as you desire. Add seasoning, eggs and butter. Put on an upper crust, and bake in a quick oven.

Oyster Pie. Daphne

Line a deep dish with puff paste. Put in oysters, seasoned with bits of butter, salt and pepper. Then pour on some of the oyster liquor and cover with the pie crust. Cut a hole in the top of crust, and bake thoroughly. It is well to sprinkle a little flour over the oysters.

Oyster Sauce For Turkey

One quart oysters. Put them on in thin liquor and let come to a boil. A heaping tablespoon of flour, rubbed into a half tea cup of butter. Add this to the oysters, stirring. At last add a tea cup of sweet Cream.

Fricasseed Oysters. Fourth Street Cooking Club

Let 1 quart of oysters and their liquor come to a boil. Pour off the liquor into a hot dish. Melt a piece of butter the size of an egg and stir into it, while on the stove a tablespoonful of flour, then a cupful of the oyster liquor. Take from the fire and mix in the beaten yolks of two eggs, a little salt, a very little cayenne pepper and one teaspoonful lemon juice. Heat this without letting it boil and put in the oysters. These may be served on slices of toast or in shells, or papers.

Pickled Oysters

Take fifty large oysters. Put in a stew pan and let come to a boil-no more. Take out of liquor, have ready one cup of vinegar in which has been boiled whole black pepper, nutmeg, salt and cloves to taste. Pour this over the oysters.

Oyster Sauce For Chicken Or Salmon

Let a dozen or more oysters come to a boil in their own liquor. Mix a half cup of flour with 1/2 cupful melted butter, rub till smooth.

Put in a stew pan with the oyster liquor, adding salt, cayenne pepper, and a cup of sweet Cream. Put on fire and let simmer till free from lumps. Just before taking from the fire add the oysters, cut in small pieces. Pour over fish on platter, but for chicken put in gravy boat.

Oysters On Toast

Strain the liquor off of a quart of oysters. Put 1 cup of Cream or rich milk and 1 cup of butter in the kettle. When this comes to a boil add 1 teaspoonful flour wet with a little cold water. Drop in the oysters. Let them boil up, adding salt and pepper. Lay slices of nicely toasted bread in a dish. Pour oysters over them and serve.

Oyster Chowder

Three-fourth pounds of pickled pork, 10 medium-sized potatoes, 6 small onions, 1 quart or can of oysters. Cut the pork into small pieces and fry in the kettle, chowder is to be prepared in. Next put in the onions and one quart of water, partly cook, then add the potatoes and another quart of water; when they are cooked enough put in a pint of milk and the oysters, season to taste and add crackers just before serving them.

Oysters With Potatoes

Line a good sized, round, deep dish with nicely mashed potatoes, have your potatoes rather stiff, build it up as high as you can at the edge, put into the oven to brown. When nicely browned take out and turn in two quarts of oysters, properly seasoned with butter, salt, and pepper. Stew in the fluid without water or milk. Slightly thicken with rolled crackers. Sprinkle a few cracker crumbs over the top. Brown to a rich color.

Oyster Patties

Mix into a pint of grated green corn three tablespoonsful of milk one tablespoonful of flour, a piece of butter the size of a hickory nut, one teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of pepper, and one egg. Drop it by desertspoonsful into a little hot butter, and saute it on both sides. It resembles, and has much the flavor of fried oysters. It is a good tea or lunch dish. Serve it hot, on a warm platter.

Fried Oysters

Season rolled cracker with pepper and salt. roll the undrained oysters in this, one at a time, covering them well. Fry in butter, being careful not to scorch. Do not cook too long, large oysters requiring only a few minutes after browning. Cook quickly and serve immediately. They should be plump and juicy.

Fried Oysters

Take large oysters and lay on towel and dry, having cracker-meal ready, dip the oysters in meal, then in well-beaten egg, then in cracker meal, then fry in hot lard.