Tomato Chow Chow

To 1/2 bushel green tomatos take 12 onions chopped fine, sprinkle 1 pint of salt over this and let it stand over night. Then drain well and cook this in weak vinegar slowly for 1 hour. Drain off this vinegar, and take 2 heads of cabbage chopped fine and stir this in with 1 ounce of celery seed, 2 tablespoonsful of cinnamon, 1 of mustard seed and 1 of allspice, and 1 pint of horseradish chopped fine, and 2 pounds of sugar. Mix well together and pack in a jar. Vinegar sufficient to make it a little thin and to keep well. Pour this over the tomatos, onion, cabbage, spices, etc., in the jar, and it is ready for use.

Old Virginia Chow Chow

One-half peck of green tomatoes, 2 or 3 large heads of cabbage, 25 large cucumbers, 1 pint of grated horseradish, 1/2 pound of white mustard seed, 1 ounce of celery seed, 1/2 teacup tumeric and cinnamon, some small silver onions. Cut the tomatos, cabbage, cucumbers and onions fine, and salt them over night. In the morning drain off the brine and put them to soak for a day or two in vinegar and water. Drain this off. Then mix in the spices. Boil 2 gallons of vinegar with 4 pounds of sugar and pour on. Pour this off and heat it up for 3 mornings. The third morning mix 1 pound of flour of mustard with 1 pint salad oil, and mix in with it.