Rice, Boiled

Good precedent to the contrary notwithstanding, I contend that there is but one way to boil rice, and that is this (which is described in the words of Captain Kenealy, whose Yachting Wrinkles is a book worth owning):

To cook rice so that each grain will be plump, dry, and separate, first, wash the measure of rice thoroughly in cold, salted water. Then put it in a pot of furiously boiling fresh water, no salt being added. Keep the pot boiling hard for twenty minutes, but do not stir. Then strain off the water, place the rice over a very moderate fire (hang high over camp-fire), and let it swell and dry for half an hour, in an uncovered vessel. Remember that rice swells enormously in cooking.

Rice, Fried

When boiled rice is left over, spread it in a dish. When cold, cut it into cakes and fry it, for a hasty meal. It is better, though, in muffins.

Rice Muffins

Mash very smooth half a pint boiled rice. Add slowly, stirring to a thinner paste, half a pint of milk, three beaten eggs, salt. Then make into a stiff batter with flour. Bake like dropped biscuits.


Fry a sliced onion brown in a table-spoonful of butter. Add to this a pint of hot water and half a pint of washed rice. Boil until soft, adding more hot water if needed. Heat half a pint canned tomatoes, and stir into it a teaspoon-ful of sugar. When the rice is soft, salt it; add the tomato; turn into a dish and sprinkle over it a heaped tablespoonful of grated cheese.

Rice, Curried

Same as Risotto, but put a tea-spoonful of curry powder in the tomatoes and omit cheese.

Grits, Boiled

Put in plenty of boiling unsalted water. Boil about thirty minutes; then salt and drain.

Grits, Fried

Same as fried rice.

"Breakfast Foods"

According to directions on packages.

Left-Over Cereals

See Mixed Cakes, page 114.