I have come to the conclusion that we do not tell enough about our boys' work. The public these days are apt to discount statements and claims. I often think it divides them by two or four. Let us at least tell all we are doing in detail. Use plenty of good cuts. I believe we could, arouse a much greater interest in our work on the part of business men if we told them more.

Pictures will help not only to interest the boys but their employers as well.óW. B. Ferris.

An Easter Social

An Easter social was held last year in the St. Louis Boys' Department. Any members under fifteen years of age were admitted by the doorkeeper upon the payment of two hard boiled eggs with his name written on each.

Other boys and parents were cordially invited to come at the rate of ten cents each. This carnival took place at ten o'clock Saturday morning and the events were as follows:

1. Crowing contest.

2. Rooster fightóbantam and shanghai.

3. Egg tug.

4. Egg turnover race.

5. Egg race.

6. Set the hen.

7. Chew the string.

8. Chase the feather.

9- Egg passing contest.

10. Relay race.

Dr. H. S. Wingert, Physical Director, was in charge of the performance. If the reader desires more information he will know where to get it.