The narrow hallway to the northeast of Statuary Hall, which is still of the level of the old Hall of Representatives, leads directly to the private room of the Clerk of the House. On its west wall is a bracket holding a bust of John Quincy Adams, commemorative of his death in this former Speaker's room. The plain inscription is said to have been written by Mr. Sumner: "John Quincy Adams, who, after fifty years of public service, the last sixteen in yonder Hall, was summoned thence to die in this room, 23 February, 1848".

This marble bust was secured by voluntary subscriptions of $600, made in the House by gentlemen of all parties. On March 3, 1849, about a year after the tragic death-stroke, Mr. Ashmun arose in the chamber and notified the House of the arrival of the bust and that it was then on exhibition in the Congressional Library, awaiting authority for its removal to the proposed resting place in the Speaker's room. The resolution which he proposed granted this permission and also authorized the Clerk to pay to the sculptor, John C. King of Boston, such sum, not exceeding $400, as in his judgment seemed proper. This was to meet a deficiency in the collection of the subscriptions, not unusual in such. matters, and to reimburse the artist for his labor and expense in bringing the marble to Washington himself, which was outside the terms of his contract. The resolution brought an immediate objection from Mr. Jones of Tennessee; and the ensuing skirmish on points of order brought Mr. Grin-nell to his feet, who besought his colleague, Mr. Ashmun, to modify it so as to strike out all that part which proposed an appropriation. He said feelingly that he never wanted to hear the name of Mr. Adams connected with money in that hall, and added that he would pay the expenses from his own pocket. Mr. Ashmun complied, though he thought it not " an honor to the House that the gentleman should be placed in such circumstances." Mr. Jones was pettily triumphant, though the resolution, minus its clause appropriating $400, was passed by a vote of 125 to 19.