Concerning The Association

The Gamekeepers' Kennel Association has been formed with the primary object of taking over the organisation of the Gamekeepers' Dog Show as first held at the Westminster Aquarium, on 31st July and 1st and 2nd August 1900, it being deemed advisable by all parties concerned that the show should cease to be proprietary or to be promoted by any firm having trading interests with Gamekeepers. The other aims which the Association has in view are fully described in the following pages, and the Executive will do everything in their power to uphold and protect the rights of Game-preservers, recognising that in this lie the best interests of the Association and its members. The rule regarding the exclusion of undesirable persons from membership will be strictly enforced, and the Executive hope, that in time, the fact that a Gamekeeper is a member of the Association will be looked upon as a proof of ability and good character.

Donations and Subscriptions in aid of the Funds of the Association will be gladly received and acknowledged by the Secretary. Cheques and Post-office Orders should be made payable to the Gamekeepers' Kennel Association and crossed " Barclay & Co." Secretary's address is :

Mr F. W. Millard,

Hertford, Herts.


1. That the name of the Association be " The Gamekeepers' Kennel Association".

2. That the object of the Association shall be to hold an Annual Show for the exhibition and sale of trained dogs owned by Gamekeepers, to uphold by all lawful means the rights of Game-preservers, to maintain at the Offices of the Association a register of Gamekeepers out of place, of situations vacant, and of dogs for sale, and also to promote the interests of game-preserving and Gamekeepers generally in the United Kingdom.

3. That the funds of the Association be spent in the furtherance of these and other objects considered by the Committee to be necessary for the welfare of Gamekeepers generally.

4. That a President, Vice-President, and Treasurer be elected annually.

5. That the present Committee remain in office two years.

6. That after the lapse of two years from the formation of the Association one-third of the Committee shall retire annually by rotation.

7. That the said rotation be decided according to alphabetical order.

8. That all members of the Committee retiring shall be eligible for re-election.

9. That all members of the Committee re-elected on retirement, and members elected in the place of those who resign, remain on the Committee for three years.

10. That the Committee have power to add to their number.

11. That the Secretary of the Association be subject to one month's notice.

12. That only bond fide Gamekeepers be eligible for membership.

13. That the definition "Gamekeeper" be understood to include, for the purposes of membership, anyone wholly engaged in the preservation of game, deer, or fish.

14. That a Gamekeeper who has been a member of the Association five years or more shall, on retiring from his duties as Gamekeeper through old age or other physical incapacity, still be eligible for membership.

15. That retired gamekeepers who wish to at once become members of the Association, be eligible for election at the option of the Committee.

16. That the annual subscription to be paid by members be fixed at 5s. per annum for head-keepers and single-handed-keepers, and 2s. 6d. per annum for under-keepers.

17. That these subscriptions be considered due on the 1st of January each year, and must be paid before the 31st of that month.

18. That members wishing to join the Association at any time other than the month of January must pay the full subscription for the current year.

19. That all under-men wishing to join the Association must be recommended by a head-keeper under whom they have served.

20. That no head-keeper, after 31st December 1904, shall be accepted as a member, without a recommendation from his employer, or another head-keeper who has already been enrolled.

21. That the Committee reserve the right to refuse any application for membership, and also to expel any member for any wilful misconduct which they decide is detrimental to the objects of the Association.

22. All members who have benefited by the Register, and not continued to belong to the Association, must, if re-elected to membership, pay any subscriptions in arrear, together with a fine of five shillings.

23. That no one except a member of the Association be allowed to exhibit at any show promoted by the Association.

24. That no member be allowed to show a dog at any show unless he has been enrolled a member since before 1st February of the same year.

25. All cheques to be signed by both Treasurer and Secretary.

26. That all persons assisting in the management of the Association who are known to have trading interests with the members thereof, be understood to hold office in their private capacity only.

27. That the Gamekeepers' Kennel Association recognise the authority of the Kennel Club, and agree to obey the Rules and Regulations laid down by the Kennel Club.

28. All new rules shall be framed and adopted in Committee.

Rides For The Conduct Of Meetings

1. That the dates and places of all meetings be fixed by the Secretary, and approved by at least three members of the Committee.

2. That each member of the Committee shall receive notice of all meetings at least seven days previous to the date of such meetings.

3. Want of service of notice of meeting on any member of the Committee shall not affect the validity of such meeting.

4. That five members of the Committee be considered a quorum.

5. That votes be taken by show of hands.

6. That all questions be decided by majority.

7. That the President or Chairman of any meeting for the time being shall have a second or casting vote.