8. That minutes of the proceedings of every meeting be fairly entered into a book kept for that purpose.

9. That notices of motions to be moved at any meeting by any member of the Committee be sent in to the Secretary on receipt of notice convening such meetings.

10. That the Committee from time to time make such rules as they consider necessary for the Regulation of the proceedings at their meetings.

Legal Bureau

Every member has a right to legal advice from the Honorary Solicitor of the Association regarding any matter connected with his duties. All applications for such advice must be made through the Secretary, and letters addressed direct to Mr Everitt will not receive attention. This regulation is necessary to prevent outsiders seeking benefits reserved exclusively for members. Mr Everitt is prepared to take legal action on behalf of members and their employers at recognised fees, and his great knowledge of the intricacies of the Game Laws should ensure his engagement in all difficult cases with reference to a breach of these laws.

Veterinary Bureau

Every member of the Association has the privilege of obtaining free veterinary advice on all matters pertaining to his kennels, diseases of game, etc. Applications mu3t be sent through the Secretary of the Association, a description of the symptoms, duration of the disease, number of animals affected, and any other information likely to be of service to the expert when forming an opinion.

The Situation Register

The Executive of the Association will make every effort to assist those of its members requiring situations, and, for that purpose, advertisements will in due season be inserted in certain papers asking gentlemen requiring Gamekeepers to write to the Secretary and state their wants. A register of members out of place will be maintained at the offices of the Association, and it is hoped that headkeepers requiring under-men will in all cases apply to the Secretary before seeking elsewhere.

Directions To Be Followed By Members Desirous Of Obtaining A Situation Through The Association

A member out of place wishing to be entered on the Register of the Association must apply to the Secretary for a form to fill up and return.

Each member in corresponding with the Secretary must give his number, which number will be found on his card of membership.

Should a member on the register obtain a situation by other means, he must at once acquaint the Secretary that he has been engaged.

Should a member be taken into the employment of a gentleman or head-keeper, with whom he has been placed in communication by the Secretary, he must at once inform the Secretary, that his name may be removed from the register.


The Secretary will place members requiring situations in communication with applicants for Gamekeepers as fast as inquiries fall in, but in each case the two parties must arrange their own terms. The Executive will do their best to find suitable men for the places offered, but they give no recommendation. It is earnestly requested that members making a change will at once send their new address to the Secretary.

The Register Of Dogs For Sale

The Association maintains at its offices a register of sporting dogs, belonging to its members, which are for sale, and from time to time advertisements will be placed in certain papers that dogs are on the register for disposal. It will be the earnest endeavour of the Executive to induce sportsmen, in want of well-trained dogs, to apply to the Secretary, and it is hoped that head-keepers requiring dogs will purchase through the Association.

Directions For Placing A Dog Upon The Register Of The Association

A member of the Association having a dog for sale must write to the Secretary for a form on which the animal and its capabilities may be described. When the Secretary receives this form back the dog will be entered upon the Register of the Association.

Each member in corresponding with the Secretary must give his number, which number will be found on his card of membership.

Should a dog upon the Register of the Association be disposed of privately by its owner, he must immediately inform the Secretary, that it may be removed from the Register. Breaches of this order will be dealt with by the Committee, because endless confusion and delay will ensue if it is not followed out.

Beyond placing seller and purchaser in communication with each other, the Association can accept no responsibility.

Rules To Be Observed By Both Parties When A Dog Goes On Trial

1. When an intending purchaser stipulates for a trial, a dog must be in his hands four clear days, the days of despatch and return not being counted.

2. The intending purchaser must be deemed responsible for the dog's safety during the period allowed for trial.

3. The carriage of a dog on the outward journey must be paid by the person to whom it goes on trial.

4. If a dog is returned after a trial as unsuitable, its owner must pay carriage on the homeward journey.

5. On a sale being concluded, the late owner of the dog sold must immediately inform the Secretary.

6. If a dog after trial is returned as unsuitable, its owner must at once inform the Secretary. Until he has done this, no further measures for its sale will be taken.


Gentlemen will much simplify the work of the Secretary if, when requiring a dog, they explicitly state their wants, and mention the price they are prepared to give.


The Executive hope that both parties to a transaction will implicitly observe the foregoing rules and directions. When filling up the forms, an exact description of a dog and its capabilities should be given ; if misrepresentation is attempted, irretrievable harm will be done to the Association and its objects. Once sportsmen are assured that the Association is a reliable source from which well-trained dogs may be obtained, they will not fail to resort to it. By observing the utmost care when filling in a form, members will be protecting their own interests, aiding the Executive, and enhancing the honour of the Association.

Stud Dogs

That Gamekeepers may be encouraged to breed true to the recognised types, the Secretary of the Association will be glad to correspond with owners of prize stud dogs with a view of securing a reduction of fees in favour of members of the Association. All members will be duly advised through The Gamekeeper of such reductions when they are allowed, and the Executive hope that the efforts they are making in this direction will be to the advantage of both members and owners of stud dogs. Members of the Association, who have valuable dogs, are particularly requested to place them at the service of other members for stud purposes.


The Secretary will be pleased to forward particulars to members who are desirous of making the Association known amongst their Gamekeeper friends. It is hoped that each member will do his best to add to the roll of the Association by inducing others to join. Forms of application for intending members may be obtained of the Secretary, who will be glad to answer all inquiries.

A monthly report concerning the work and position of the Association will be found in each issue of its organ, The Gamekeeper.

A list of stud dogs, placed at the service of members at reduced fees, is also occasionally published in The Gamekeeper, copies of this paper being obtainable from the Editor, Hertford, Herts.

Recently efforts have been made towards instituting a fund for the benefit of keepers during later life.