Objects Of The Association

1. To foster the interests of the breed generally.

2. To establish a Fund by means of a subscription of 10 per cent, of all money prizes that each member may have won and received, as provided by the Rules.

3. To approach Show Committees with the view of obtaining extended Classification in the Bloodhound Classes.

4. To promote Stakes in connection with the progeny of Stud Dogs.

5. To promote Stakes in connection with the progeny of Brood Bitches.

6. To offer prizes for competition at Shows in addition to those offered by Show Committees.

7. To do everything possible to promote, by trials or otherwise, the training of Bloodhounds to hunt man.

Rules And Regulations


1. The Association shall consist of an unlimited number of Honorary Members and Members, who shall be persons interested in the promotion of the breeding and training of Bloodhounds, whose names and addresses shall be entered in a register to be kept by the Secretary.

Honorary Members

2. The Committee shall have power to elect as Honorary Members any persons whose election may be considered beneficial to the interest of the Association. Honorary Members to be exempt from paying the Annual Subscription, and shall not participate in any benefits to be derived from the Association, nor take any part in its management.

Mode Of Election

3. Each Candidate for Membership shall be proposed by one Member and seconded by another, and the election shall be vested absolutely in the Committee.


4. The Annual Subscription shall be One Guinea, payable on the 1st of January.

Members Prize Fund

5. Each member shall, during the continuance of his membership, contribute to a fund, to be known as The Members' Prize Fund, 10 per cent, of all money prizes received by him (except out of the Fund) during each year, and won for Bloodhounds at Shows and Trials held under Kennel Club Rules.

6. The Fund shall be closed on the 31st December in each year, and the amount received shall be offered for competition amongst the Members during the year following in such manner as the Committee may deem fit.

7. No Member shall be entitled to compete for prizes offered out of a Fund subscribed for whilst he shall not have been a Member, except as provided by Rule 8.

8. No Member shall be entitled to compete for prizes offered out of the Fund subscribed during the year during which he shall have been elected a Member, unless he shall have, within one month of his election, paid to the Association 10 per cent, of all money prizes previously received by him during that year for Bloodhounds at Shows and Trials held under Kennel Club Rules.

Members In Arrear

9. No Member shall be allowed to vote or compete for Association Prizes, or in any way whatsoever enjoy any of the privileges of Membership, whilst his current subscription and any other debts due by him to the Association are outstanding, and for which application has been made.

10. The Committee shall have power to erase the name from the list of Members of any Member whose subscription remains unpaid on 31st day of March.


11. The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by a Chairman, a Committee of five, a Treasurer and a Secretary. All officers of the Association shall be Honorary, and no Member shall be allowed to make the Association a means of private speculation or trade., or to derive money profit through it. The Chairman, Treasurer, and Hon. Secretary shall be ex-offcio Members of the Committee.

12. The Executive shall be elected annually, as provided by Rule 22:—Chairman, Mr Edwin Brough ; Committee, Mr Walter Evans, Mr H. C. Hodson, Mr Arthur O. Mudie, Mr W. K. Taunton, Mr J. Sidney Turner ; Hon. Secretary, Mr Edgar Farman.

Annual General Meeting

13. An Annual General Meeting shall be held in January, for the purpose of electing the officers of the Association for the ensuing year.

Powers Of The Committee

14. The management of the Association shall be wholly vested in the Committee, which shall have the power to call meetings of the Association, to make necessary bye-laws and rescind the same, arbitrate in disputed matters, the absolute power of the election of Members, and the right to refuse the admission of or remove from the Association any person deemed objectionable. The Committee shall also have the sole power to deal with the funds and property of the Association in its absolute discretion, also to deal with any question or matter not provided for by these Rules, and also elect persons to fill up any vacancy occurring in its numbers. Such elections to be confirmed at the next Committee Meeting, and such persons shall continue in office until the next Annual General Meeting. The Committee shall decide upon the value and nature of the prizes to be offered at the various Shows and Trials.


15. There shall be a meeting of the Committee as often as deemed necessary — three shall form a quorum. There shall be Meetings of the Members of the Association—five actually present shall form a quorum—in London or elsewhere, as often as the Committee may deem necessary.

Minutes And Votes

16. The minutes of the proceedings of all Meetings shall be kept, and the minutes of the last preceding Meeting shall be read at the commencement of the next subsequent Meeting, and be approved and confirmed by vote. Each Member shall have one vote, and the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

Shows And Trials

17. The Association shall, if possible, promote and hold such Shows and Trials as the Committee may deem expedient, and either in or without connection with any other Exhibition, as the Committee may direct.


18. All expenses incurred by the Secretary, Treasurer, or other Member of the Committee, or by any Member for or on behalf of the Association, on the authority of the Committee, shall be defrayed out of the funds of the Association.

Report And Audit

19. An Annual Report, with a statement of the financial position of the Association, shall be drafted by the Retiring Committee, and presented at the Annual General Meeting.

Withdrawal From Membership

20. It shall be competent for any Honorary Member or Member to withdraw from the Association on giving notice of his intention in writing to the Secretary, but any Member leaving the Association shall remain liable for all subscriptions not already paid, including that due for the current year, and shall not be entitled to receive back any money he may have paid to or on account of the Association during his Membership, or have any claim against the Association, except under Rule 18.


21. Any Member violating the Rules and Regulations of the Association for the time being in force, shall be liable to be expelled by the Committee; and any Member of the Association who shall be proved to the satisfaction of the Committee to have in any way misconducted himself in connection with Dogs, Dog Shows, or Trials, or to have in any way acted in opposition to the fundamental rules and principles upon which the Association has been established, or in any other manner which would make it undesirable, in the opinion of the Committee, that he should continue to be a Member, shall be requested to retire from the Association, and if a resolution to that effect shall be carried by a majority of the Committee, the Member so requested to retire shall thenceforth cease to be a Member of the Association, as if he had resigned in the usual course, and shall not be entitled to have any part of his Annual Subscription for the current year returned to him, and shall remain liable for all arrears of subscriptions unpaid and any dues owing, but before any such expulsion or request to retire, the Member shall have an opportunity of being heard in his defence.

Election Of Committee And Officers

22. The Chairman, Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, and Committee shall be elected annually. Their election shall take place at the Annual General Meeting, and be by ballot. Only Members of the Association shall be eligible to hold office. Nominations shall be sent in to the Secretary, seven days prior to the Meeting, of gentlemen whom it may be deemed desirable to elect; and Members of the retiring Committee shall be eligible for re-election without nomination.

A Member shall not give more than one vote for any one candidate, and must vote for the full number of vacancies.


23. Notices of the convening of any Meetings may be inserted in the Kennel Gazette, Field, Stock-Keeper, Our Dogs, Kennel News, or such other similar publication of which due notice is given to the Members, and that shall thenceforth be deemed full and sufficient without notice in writing.

Service Of Notices

24. A notice may be served by the Association upon any Member, either personally or by sending it through the post in a prepaid letter addressed to such Member at his registered place of address.

25. Any notices, if served by post, shall be deemed to have been served at the latest within twelve hours after the same shall have been posted, and in proving such service it shall be sufficient to prove that the letter containing the notice was properly addressed and put into a post-office letter box.

26. As regards those Members of the Association who have no registered address in the United Kingdom, a notice posted up in the office or residence of the Secretary for the time being shall be deemed to be well served on them at the expiration of twelve hours after it is so posted up.